Give Your Inner Child A Laugh With These TERRIBLE SCHOOL NAMES!

Even though I’m a crusty old tramp who drinks her lunch every day and enjoys the DGAF mentality that being in my 30’s affords…maturity wise, I’m essentially a 12-year old boy.

That’s why this morning, when I came across a post about “Unfortunate Names for Schools,” I had to share the laugh out loud monikers with you. Because let’s face it, you trashy sluts are just as immature (read terrible) as I am, that’s why we’ve been pals all these years.

So sit back, continue to do absolutely nothing, and enjoy THE WORST SCHOOL NAMES IN THE HISTORY OF EDUCATION! 

First up is a University in Argentina:


I love that the University of Moron goes by the abbreviation, UM.“Ummmmmmmmm, this is a school of Morons!” 

Speaking of moronic things to name your school:


school names2


But there are far worse, more spot-on, names for a middle school:


school names

My guess is everyone here gets their lunch money stolen.


Next up, two words that should never next to each other in a school name:



Hahaha! Of course this is a HIGH school.

school names1

To be fair, you’ll always find Cougars where there’s weed…it’s how they get hapless pizza boys to do “chores,” for them! 


Yes, I know this next one is not pronounced like “butt,” however, I just couldn’t resist when I found out their mascot was the pirate. BUTTE PIRATES FOREVER!

school names10


Worthington Hooker School is a REAL place in Connecticut, and while any “Hooker School,” is A+ in my book, they got extra credit for life with their bumper stickers.

school names9


I’m guessing no one in the administration at this school has been in public since the 1950’s.

school names5


And last, but certainly not least, MY FAVORITE!

Say hello to a school that guarantees everyone named Shelly is going to reach the highest peaks of learning:

school names3

When it comes to all of these terrible school names, I speak for everyone when I say: THOSE POOR TEACHERS! 



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