These Russian Dating Site Photos Are Better Than ANYTHING You’ve Ever Taken

Vladimir Putin, famous Despot and notorious stunt queen, divorced his wife of 30 years this summer. And while it’s rumored he’s already moved on with a young Russian gymnast (of course) if he’s still looking for love, Putin’s in luck because his country is a treasure trove of beautiful, single, people.

Feeding Frenzy!

Feeding Frenzy!

The country is no stranger to gorgeous wedding photos, but thanks to the world-connecting capacity of the internet, it’s now apparent that Mother Russia is home to the most elegant and classy single people in the world. American E-Harmony whores and guzzlers, take notes, because this is how it’s DONE!

Warning: The following images are so HOT AND TANTALIZING, you might be tempted to leave it all behind and board the next flight for Moscow!

Let’s start this party off with an understated rose and spiderweb fedora shot (with a little nib of the nipple.) russian date1     Nothing says: “I’m available,” like balloons, indoor umbrella usage, and ripped jeans.  russian date9     Maybe some sexy fruit eating photos are more your speed? Ladies, I’m pretty sure she’s up for it!  russian date6     Classic Banana as a Peen Pic: russian date 3     Perhaps a skeezier, younger, Justin Timberlake-type is more your speed:  russian date5     All these sexxxy people are making me HOT (and thirsty for knock-off Monster energy drinks.)  russian date2     Wearing stuff on your head is a bit of a trend, as you can see:  russian date8     Roses are always out-CLASSING hair!  russian date     What does the fox say? “DATE THIS MAN!’  russian 8     Just your classic schoolgirl, wearing boots from the 1986 JCPenney’s fire sale catalogue:   russian date 4     And finally, the hottest slut on the stroll, sometimes there are no words, just love:  OM NOM NOM NOM!     via 



These Russian Dating Site Photos Are Better Than ANYTHING You’ve Ever Taken — 6 Comments

  1. My BF sent me these yesterday! I was dying…he said, “I knew wasn’t real!” LMAO…these are great, in a really weird a** way.

  2. In Mother Russia, you don’t hang rugs on the wall; THE RUGS HANG YOU ON THE WALL!

    Seriously, what’s up with all the rugs and mats on the wall?

    And the Watermelon Girl does something for me.

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