Motivational Fitness Quotes + Pictures of Drunk People = Drunkspiration

Back in September, a new subreddit was created called: “Drunkspiration.” 

Drunkspiration, for those of you unfamiliar, is when you take fitness motivational quotes and pair them with pictures of drunk people. The genius combo is guaranteed to help give you the get up and go to chug-a-lug!

Last night, Reddit unveiled a “Best of Compilation,” that is so hilarious, I took notice, and immediately made sure to pull my favorites and share them with YOU, my dearest and DRUNKEST darlings.


drunkspiration drunkspiration1 drunkspiration2 drunkspiration3 drunkspiration4 drunkspiration5 drunkspiration6 drunkspiration7 drunkspiration8 drunkspiration9 drunkspiration11 drunkspiration12 drunkspiration13 drunkspiration14 drunkspiration15 drunkspiration16 drunkspiration17 drunkspiration18 drunkspiration19 drunkspiration20 drunkspiration21 drunkspiration22


And the FUNNIEST (to me) of the whole lot:

Words to live by.

Words to live by.



(Thanks, Summer!) 


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