Quadcopter Ghost is Just What You Need Today

 Ughhhhhhh, Tuesday.

Ghoulfriend, please.

Ghoulfriend, please.

Chances are you’re like me and still hung-over from too much grog at this past weekend’s Boo Bash, and your eyes are sore from perpetually rolling them at terrible costumes you had to pretend were clever.

It's a "Hunger Game," get it?

It’s a “Hunger Game,” get it?

The truth is, we’re staring down the barrel of a whole lot of flabby side-boobs poured into “sexy” costumes, and facebook feed photos of tortured pets all dressed up. These next few days promise to be chock full o’ cute kids, candy, and a**holes knocking on your door.

But cheer up, I’ve got something that will not only brighten your day, it will hopefully inspire you to scare the crap out of kids.

Alton Porter had a quadcopter and a dream, a wish to terrify the brats hitting him up for candy this year. So, armed with a cheap ghost from target and some red LEDs, Mr. Porter made magic happen. SAY HELLO TO GHOSTQUAD!


In addition to gifting  the world with this incredible gag, Alton also chose to bring the sexy with this video’s soundtrack. Not sure about y’all, but I was transported to a sensual world of undulating ghosts, freaky deaky banshees, and super slutty bass lines.



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