THIS IS ART: Dirty Abandoned Mattress Gets an Extreme Makeover

Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders reached internet fame and glory last year when his Self-Portraits on Drugs became a sensation. The series chronicled Bryan’s varied dalliances with specific illicit substances, here’s my favorite from the series, it’s his Self Portrait on Adderall, a popular ADHD medication that some folks take for kicks.

'Rall, y'all!

‘Rall, y’all!


Well, never one to rest on his laurels, Bryan has a NEW piece of performance art he’s calling, “Extreme Makeover F*ck Mattress Edition.” With a title like that, this hooker was instantly won over.

When Bryan heard about an abandoned mattress at a friend’s apartment complex, a mattress that was utilized by several local prostitutes during “business transactions,” he decided to do something about it with the help of friends Joey Tucciarone and Todd Burris.

Rather than dispose of the filthy, fluid-stained eye-sore, the crew decided to jazz it up and made it extra comfortable for working girls. He visited his local Wal-Mart and purchased a variety of supplies, all of which they used to give the discarded mattress a makeover, AN EXTREME MAKEOVER.

Here’s what he started with, a real “blank canvas.”

The "office" before.


The artist at work:



The improved bed is ready for action:

made bed


He provided a drawer of fresh panties, which everyone knows is call-girl’s best friend in the war on rotten crotch:



They even left a generous drawer full of assorted water balloons:



Office Supplies: Trash bin (for used condoms,) fresh panty/ condom drawers, and wet wipes provide a quick cleanup.



They also hung some decorations:

well hung


And then planted flowers, how romantic:



A candle for serenity and setting the mood:



One last look at the beautiful art Saunders and crew created:


As for his motives, the artist sees it as doing his part to help clean up Johnson City, Tennessee.

In an interview, Saunders explained:

“The whole time we were putting it together I was thinking, ‘We are cleaning up downtown Johnson City one f**k mattress at a time!'” Saunders told The Daily Dot. “You have to start somewhere.”

Fellas, the made-over F**k mattress is absolutely gorgeous! I think I speak for everyone on the ho-stroll when I say: “Can you PLEASE do one of these down at the docks?!”




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