You Stay Classy: Weatherman Mistakes Cat Vomit for Grape Nuts, Eats it on Live Television

Hartford, Connecticut based local news weatherman Scot Haney, boldly went where no cheery morning weather guy has ever gone before: he ate cat puke on live television, yesterday (accidentally, of course.)

Classic Brick!

Classic Brick!

Mr. Haney picked up off the floor what he thought were some rogue pieces of Grape Nuts that he’d dropped during his hurried breakfast. Because TV people are just like you and me, he then popped them in his mouth.

But Scot didn’t just eat the vomit, he realized his mistake and shared the news with his viewers, in true TEAM COVERAGE style. The following video shows the horrifically hilarious situation in its entirety, from  “scoop and eat,” to the “realization and wretch.”

Listen, it’s all comedy gold, I’m going to need you to watch every last second, too grossed out to eat lunch afterwards? YOU’RE WELCOME for the FREE DIET AID!

Quote of the piece:

“Oh, I don’t think those were Grape Nuts, I think it might be dog doody.”


It’s an honest mistake, have you ever had Grape Nuts? Sheesh, I’ve thought they tasted like “shoes” right out of the box!

To be completely fair, this is what Grape Nuts look like…

(not cat vomit)

(not cat vomit)


My favorite part about the entire disgusting scene is the fact that Haney is in charge of the “what’s trending on the internet,” report. Wisely, Scot lets the viewer know that HE will soon be trending for eating cat vomit on TV.

I choo choo choose you.

I choo choo choose you.

Essentially being the living incarnation of Ralph “My cat’s breath smells like cat food,” Wiggum, is one thing…but being sharp enough to realize it and report on it? That takes “Grape Nuts,” the size of softballs.

Scot Haney, thank you for your honest journalism, I think I speak for the world when I say: “WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU EAT ‘FLOOR FOOD’ ON LIVE TELEVISION!?”

Ick. Nast.


Please please please please please please please, if there is ANY justice in the world of local yokel news, PLEASE LET THIS MAN WIN A LOCAL EMMY!

Silver Lining?  The folks at Grape Nuts have a new slogan: “Grape Nuts: Hey, at least we’re not cat vomit!”

You could do worse!

You could do worse!




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