Mysterious Lake Turns Every Animal That Touches it to Stone

Lake Natron in Tanzania is a big time stoner.

However, unlike your old roommate in college, this stoner isn’t an easygoing cool dude chock-full of burnout wisdom with an affinity for late night fast food runs. Nope, Lake Natron is a deadly jerk that petrifies all creatures who come in contact with it.


The waters of Natron reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and has such a bizzare chemical makeup, that animals don’t stand a chance. Thanks to high soda and salt content coupled with the constant pH level of 9-10.5, the extremely alkaline water calcifies its victims as they dry (and die.)

It’s believed that the unsual chemistry also causes a mirror finish on the still waters that disorient flying wildlife. The lake’s glass-like look causes animals to fly into it and that crash is all it takes.

Photographer Nick Brandt documented the peculiar lake for an upcoming book, while there he found several birds and flying creatures who had the misfortune of being “Medusa-ed.” Because Nick knows the value of a good freak-out in the name of art, he collected the petrified corpses and restaged them, as if the animals were still alive.

As one would imagine, Brandt really conducted the choo-choo train to Creeptown with these photos:

Stone swan

This is the “swan song” that doesn’t end.




looking up forever

Things are forever looking up.

haunt your dreams forever

This one’s gonna haunt my dreams FOREVER.

stone hawk

Eternally awesome.

stone bird

Maybe it’s the glut of romantic comedies I binged on during my formative years, but perhaps this lake just hasn’t found the right girl or guy yet?

Seriously, all this bastard of a body o’ water needs to do is have a chance meeting with Kate Hudson, John Cusack, or Meg Ryan.


After a few adorable hijinks, large sweeping romantic gestures, and run-ins with stock antagonists, the lake will be unable to imagine its life without her (or him.)

The “I’ll just turn y’all into stone” lake, will realize that there’s more to life than encasing creatures  in a layer of alkalized salt and soda, Train’s “Hey Soul Sister,” will play us out, and roll credits. The End.



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