No, These Dia De Los Muertos Altars Devoted to Breaking Bad Characters, Aren’t Creepy

By now, all you lazy sluts have had PLENTY of time to finish the Breaking Bad final episode, “Felina.” If you’re behind, that’s your own damn fault and you can just keep reading or cut out now to avoid any spoilers.

Today is October 1st. We’re but a short 30 days from Halloween, and Dia de Los Muertos is a month and one day away. I decided to build a Day of the Dead altar and dedicate it to some of my favorite characters who met their demise in this 5th and final season of AMC’s outstanding drama. Yes, it may seem needlessly complicated and morbid, but incase you haven’t been paying attention, I’m both of those things.

As Dia de Los Muertos gets closer, I’ll do a post on how to set up such an altar for your own memorials. You know for real loved ones, rather than make-em-up TV show characters. But for today’s post, just know that I made sure traditional offerings such as Mexican sweetbread and oranges were present, I also included a classic flower of Dia de Los Muertos, the Marigold. As for the altar’s covering, the color purple traditionally symbolizes pain.

Note: I previously mentioned, Gustavo “Gus” Fring was and is my favorite character of the series. I chose NOT to do an altar for Gus because Mr. Half-a-face went to Hades at the end of season 4.

Greatest. TV. Villain. Ever.

Greatest. TV. Villain. Ever.


Oh Gus, you really had a way of motivating your employees!



Ok…back to the tribute. On with the altars!



Beloved teacher and feared Kingpin.

Beloved teacher and feared Kingpin.

Heisenberg’s altar was made to reflect the man he was and the monster he became. In addition to a series of Mexican folk-art pieces depicting the Diablo Mr. White morphed into, I made sure to light a money drawing candle for the industrious psychopath. I also left out any reference to his family, as Walter’s true loves were his own arrogance and his precious creation, “Blue Sky.”

Hank Schrader


ASAC Schrader, honorable till the end.

ASAC Schrader, honorable till the end.

Hank’s altar is filled with reminders from his character’s life, from the purple sugar skull (Marie would approve) to his badge and a reminder of Hank’s home-brewed classic, Schraderbrau. My personal favorite items are the rocks…er…Minerals.

They’re Minerals! Jesus, Marie!

(I made sure to include a purple fluorite in the rock pile for Marie as well.)

Here’s my favorite Hank-ism from the entire run of Breaking Bad:

Mike Ehrmantraut

Pop-Pop's buying icecream in the sky now.

Pop-Pop’s buying icecream in the sky now.

This beloved grandpop/ former cop (turned professional henchman) was an all-around badass. His death signaled one of the VERY FEW times in the series that I wasn’t on Heisenberg’s side. Mike was a grouchy codger with a murdering heart of gold. I made sure to include a photo of him with his beloved granddaughter Kaylee in happier times, the forgotten police badge, and of course, plenty of deadly weapons.


Lastly, Jesse Pinkman

Pinkman, you're finally free now.

Pinkman, you’re finally free now.

I know he’s not dead, but the SHOW (including Jesse Pinkman’s character) is dead, so I decided to do an altar for Jesse. Yeah, it’s a stretch but truthfully, I needed to build it to deal with my grief over potentially watching Jesse die. Much like Walter White does, when it comes to Mr. Pinkman, I can’t help but feel a shred of love and sympathy. When Sunday’s F*CKING FLAWLESS FINALE aired, I was overjoyed our boy Jesse got a pass.



Here’s an adorbz supercut of Jesse’s MANY “b*tches.”

While it’s sad to see Breaking Bad’s conclusion, it’s extremely gratifying because they left no storyline unresolved. I’m so satisfied by the ending that I’ve decided to watch the series all over again.

Time to start it all over again.

Going back to the start.


But Cheer up, all is not lost.

Saul Goodman, played by the historically underappreciated comic genius Bob Odenkirk, is getting his own spin-off prequel show. Vince Gilligan and crew are involved so I have high hopes. Even if it’s crap, I’m totes in.

Shout out to any "Curb" fan who remembers this.

Shout out to any “Curb” fan who remembers this.


Because truthfully, if Vince Gilligan and AMC wanted to do a reboot of Charles in Charge with Jesse Pinkman as the lovable college student/ live in nanny to family of rich white a*sholes, I’d watch every episode.

Hanging with Mr. Pinkman.

Hanging with Mr. Pinkman.


Vaya Con Dios, greatest show in history. Suck it, Sopranos Fanboys who insisted on comparing the two. No question: Breaking Bad had better writing all the way through, AND a perfect finale that didn’t resort to cheap cop-outs.


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  1. OMG! These are amazing! I am in awe. There is only one appropriate way to describe the beauty and dedication displayed here…“Hell yeah! Altars B*tch!” 😀

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