Here’s some Incredible Breaking Bad Fan Art, B*tch.





Sunday, Breaking Bad, the greatest drama in the history of Television concludes. If you haven’t watched the show, please do yourself a favor and watch the first 3 episodes of the series on Netflix. If the show is for you, that’s all it will take to be intrigued enough to watch the rest of season one’s 7 episodes. After that, you’ll be hooked.

For my fellow Breaking Bad junkies, there is nothing I can say about the show that hasn’t already been published, so I’m not going to waste our time. Instead, let’s take a lighthearted road and ogle Breaking Bad fantasy fan art!


Incredible Breaking Bad Fan Art, B*tch

“Salud” is my favorite episode of the entire series. It’s the one where Gustavo Fring becomes King of the cartel, in a precise and elaborate way that only a man like the cool and fastidious Gus could have dreamt up.

This piece portrays a moment from that episode.




Speaking of Gus Fring, He’s my favorite character in Breaking Bad, makes sense because he’s pretty much the Devil. Here’s an adorable take on the Don.



If Gus is my favorite, then my least favorite HANDS DOWN, is Skyler White. So many great characters have come and gone, and SKYLER ” BORING AS PAINT DRYING” WHITE STILL LIVES!? Where is the justice!?



Here’s a fabulous piece of street art portraying Mike Ehrmantraut: Former Cop, trusted cleaner.




Next is a SUPERCUTE and precious 4-way illustration of Walt, Hank, Saul, and Jesse



Stylized epic poster art.



I love this clever nod to one of Jesse Pinkman’s best lines in the series!

science bitch


Then my fan art browsing took a bizarre turn…

This piece captures Mr. White and his former student’s relationship perfectly.

american methic



Mash-up of Family Matters and Breaking Bad? Sure, why not.

urkel walt


Whatever you do, don’t take him to Los Pollos Hermanos!



But really, it’s all about Walter White and his alter ego, Heisenberg…

wooly white


walter plushes

“While things go boom, in WALTER’S lab!”

dexter walt


Wow. Sometimes you just need to drink in the beauty.

kranston comes alive


And finally, a mash-up of Heisenberg and Indiana Jones that I couldn’t resist!



FYI: I’m working on a special tribute to Walter White and crew that will be debut next week.

(Thanks, Mace!)


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  1. Pouring one out for the BEST SHOW EVER, Breaking Bad…it will be fiercely missed. Finally a show that had a fitting last episode too. It was nice to finally have a sendoff that didn’t make you want to kill yourself. *Spoiler Alert* Goodbye Todd & Lydia!! Finally. Can’t wait to see your tribute!

    • OMGOMGOMG! Misty, It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO satisfying!!!! Ahhhhh, I’m super bummed it’s over but WHAT A WAY TO GO/ GREAT RUN. How cool was it that we got Badger and Skinny Pete one last time too!? Tribute goes live tomorrow.

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