Goodbye, Summer…You Were Truly Hilarious

Back to the grind!

Back to the grind!

Happy TUES-the Extreme Day, y’all! Sadly, this Tuesday feels like a Monday due to the fact that most of us were binge-eating barbecue and swimming in buckets of cold brews yesterday as we celebrated Labor Day.

Of course, as all of you workaholics and retail ninjas out there already know, a butt load of people STILL had to punch in yesterday and were unable to properly send off the Summer. To you folks I say: fret not, your ol’ pal Cribsy is here to help everyone say goodbye to the season of sunscreen and heat-induced questionable clothing choices.

This morning, because absolutely none of you want to be where you are right now, I’m offering everyone one last ride on the Summer ’13 express, with a SPECIAL stop in FAIL Junction!



First up is pretty much the hottest piece I’ve seen in a looooong time (I’m in LOVE!) This Central Park skater is feeling the groove, you guys!


Now it’s time to watch a large and in-charge man wearing yellow (dubbed “Banana Man”) go down a natural rock water slide, taking the term “falls” to a new level of ha-has.


Sexy Bike-washing skank gets a surprise


What do you get when two grown azzed men decide to hop on a huffy and try to jump a dock? Comedy GOLD, of course!


Here’s a Dad just spending a summer afternoon with his son flying an RC plane. What’s the worst that could happen?


Don’t worry, I’m sure all these people “bounced back!”


And finally, while this is from last year, it’s got a ton of summer babes in bikinis failing harder than a mouth breather in Calculus.





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