Post By Lover Fo’ Life: The Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in the World

There are many reasons why I am thankful that Lover Fo’ Life is Angry Baby’s father. From excellent genes to his attention to detail, there’s a lot he brings to the Awesome Dad Expo, including THE WORLD’S BEST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH.

L4L makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. His GCS is so delicious and incredible, I refuse to eat ANY OTHER. Be it restaurant, gourmet, or artisanal, whatever variety of grilled cheese you offer me, I will politely decline (and smugly reflect on the beauty of L4L’s creation.) 

I’ve asked L4L to document his recipe and process so that all of you can experience the glory for yourself.  You’re Welcome.




The Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in the World

Every now and again ole Cribsy asks me to write on a topic. There’s no way I could come up with something to write on my own but when given an assignment usually I can execute. Speaking of execution…it’s a key element to this post today. How to execute the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Enough of saying execute a bunch of times….on to our ingredients list.


Block cheddar cheese – We prefer “mild” around here but of course this is up to you. I don’t believe in doing frou-frou cheeses. For starters this isn’t top chef and isn’t ever going to be. Secondly, I want a single melting point and consistency. Third and most importantly, I don’t like weird cheese.

Butter – plain ol’ stick of butter. Salted preferred.

Bread – standard white bread (the fresher the better.) The cheese is the star here. I don’t need some self-aggrandizing special bread with a chip on its shoulder to get in the way of making things perfect.

That’s it. Notice the lack of anything else. If you make it right there isn’t anything else you need. Period.


Stainless steel frying pan (cast iron can be too greasy, and non-stick is just meh…actually non-stick pans are lame. Search your soul and you probably agree. I mean, if you could live with just one pan for the rest of your life, is it a non-stick pan? Exactly.)

Spatula of your choice. Heck a fork would do here. Your fingers would do if you can be a man about it.

Burner with a good “medium” setting


You want to give the cheese a chance to warm up if you can. I’m not saying it has to be room temp but it’s the first thing I get out of the fridge so it can be warming up. It will melt faster if its warmer…this should be self-evident.

Slice the cheese about .25 inches thick. Depending on the size of your block usually this means two slices can sit next to each other on a piece of bread. Please don’t make a hack job of this. Remember, the aim is perfection…and that’s achieved through execution. Your cheese should not look like a Dali poster.

Make an assembly line. One sandwich is never enough.

Let’s cook!

A note on heat: This is a very heat dependent process. Heat is the hardest part of this whole deal. Master the heat and you will master your grilled cheese. At first you may fail. Failure is success in progress.

1. Cut a pat of butter and melt it in the middle of the pan. I usually drag it around so it’s about a bread sized puddle.

2. Drop your first slice of bread into the puddle and assemble your grilled cheese in-pan.

3. Your intention here is to FRY the bread….not toast it. It should be making sizzle sounds. I usually keep it moving around the pan to avoid sticking and because it allows the bread to build up a golden crust ring around the edges. I can’t explain all of the science here but the bread reaches a state just short of manna from our blessed lord following this methodology.

4. Sneak a peek at the cheese. It should be getting melty on the bottom side. Once its firmly adhered it’s time to flip.

5. We need another butter pat here. So usually I lift the sandwich out and repeat the step 1 before tossing things back into the new puddle.

6. If you have your heat right you should be looking at a beautiful, magazine quality slice of toasty golden bread. Resist the urge to drool on yourself. Focus! You’re almost there!

7. See Step 3

8. Once the bread is ready, remove. Don’t worry about the cheese it will sort itself out.

9. Wait. This may be the hardest step but its critical. You need to wait a minute or two to allow the cheese to do its thing and for the sandwich to cool down. You don’t want a cheese burn on the roof of your mouth to mar the experience.


Cut the grilled cheese diagonally. Nothing is more satisfying than eating a pointy corner. I don’t make the rules, I just play by them.

Obviously you can serve these with whatever. They’d be good with an old shoe. But around my house they are served alone. Cribsy feels that chips or other side items just take up room that another grilled cheese could occupy.

I hope you’ve had fun today. We’ve all learned a lot about each other. I challenge you to go forth and make the best grilled cheese you can. For your own sake, for the sake of your children….for the sake of humanity.


– Lover Fo’ Life




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