Crazy Rhubarb Thief Shows Us How It’s Done

This morning I fell in love, with a foul-mouthed elderly woman wearing a big black wig while she steals rhubarb from her neighbor’s yard.



Apparently, Memaw has been a bit of a problem on the street and a fed up victim of her rhubarb thievery decided to confront the woman mid-heist. The resulting video is pure, unadulterated comedy platinum.

WARNING: the clip is NSFW due to language, but for the love of Rhubarb Strawberry Pie, find a way to watch it ASAP. Be it on your phone with headphones on the crapper, when the boss is away, or blasted at full volume…whatever your pleasure: GET THIS WOMAN INTO YOUR LIFE NOOOOW!



True Story: This lady is one tumbler of Dewar’s and a nightgown from Dollar General away from being a dead ringer for my dead Nana. The attitude, the language, the look, she’s the whole package.




Crazy Rhubarb Thief Shows Us How It’s Done — 2 Comments

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