Happy Friday: Let’s Get Bombed

There are few things in this world more unintentionally hilarious than a photo bomb. When done right, unsuspecting photography subjects are treated to priceless moments, frozen in time. Earlier this week, a man-made internet glory by awkwardly photo bombing a marriage proposal at Walt Disney World. (Shout out to the girl on the left who’s unimpressed!)



The gentleman in question instantly became a living meme…

Oh baby!

Oh baby!





Here’s the photo of the fairytale proposal sans our hero:

So not the bomb.

So not the bomb.

I know what you’re thinking, “Who proposes in the boiling Florida heat amongst thousands of lumbering, sweaty, tourists!?” This guy does, and girls who still wear broomstick skirts apparently eat that crap up.

In honor of the happy couple and a new internet folk hero, LET’S GET BOMBED THIS MORNING!


First up, Reese Witherspoon has been upstaged by a very enthusiastic fan:



Forever Alone Girl is watching:



A cute on cute photobombing crime:



Handsome Cat is trying to admire his beauty in the mirror, but the puking human is chucking it all up:



Excuse his beauty! Hey, at least Pepaw is color coordinated with the woman…






Dead-eyed young James Taylor is watching over us all:



To finish us off, here’s a videobomb gif!!!





Bonus Footage: here’s a BLAST from the PAST, my all-time favorite photo bomb, EVER…

It comes to us from a guy who claimed he was taking a dong shot per his girlfriend’s request (yeah right.) Luckily, man’s best friend stepped in to keep us from seeing the horrors.

Ruff job.

Ruff job.





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