Grab a Hanky: Tokyo Commuters Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Commuting is the worst. Next to time spent in the actual office, it’s hands-down the most miserable part of the day. Be it by train, subway, bus, or your own earth-murdering vehicle, any way you slice it, COMMUTING SUCKS THE BIG ONE.

They should have taken the HOV lane.

They should have taken the HOV lane.

Tokyo is notorious for having one of the craziest and most terrible rush hours in the world. Millions of people crush themselves into trains and literally have to be stuffed in by transit workers. The sight is something to behold, if you’ve never experienced rush hour on Japanese public transportation, click here to instantly feel better about your daily struggle.

Yesterday, during the hustle and Rising Sun bustle, a Japanese woman fell in a gap between the train car and the rail. She was pinned by a 64,000 pound train car and her death was imminent.

In a panic, the transit workers blasted a PA announcement begging for help pushing the car off the terrified commuter. Luckily, the train lines in Japan have a bit of give on each side, and while staff alone couldn’t save this woman’s life, perhaps the help of additional passengers could sway the bone-crushing behemoth. Instantly, over 40 busy folks squeezed out of their sardine can configuration and offered a helping hand.



The extra hands helped and were able to sway the train enough to pry the trapped commuter. She was pulled to safety UNHARMED as hundreds cheered. Miraculously, the train ended up being delayed by only 8 minutes.

I’ve got to be honest with you, most days I look out onto the vast sea of a-holes and put a mark in the lose column for humanity, but not today. If pushy time-obsessed commuters can be selfless and help a fellow person in dire need, perhaps all hope isn’t lost.

No Ma'am.

No Ma’am.

That being said, if you cut me off in traffic, I’ll cut you. And if I ever have to share a bus seat with your clammy ass, there’s a great chance I’ll put you in a headlock and make you smell my rancid broccoli farts. See, humanity might still have some hope, but I caught the bullet train to heck years ago.



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