Forget Twinkies, These Will Keep You Non-Disgusting

Today is a special day for America, the Hostess Twinkie officially returned to stores all around the country. While many of you no doubt are swimming in a sea of whipped corn syrup and oil (AKA Twinkie cream,) the healthy sluts out there are not amused.

I'm back, b*tches!

I’m back, b*tches!

After all, Hostess brands snack cakes are a leading contributor to the generous waistlines of Americans. Chock full of calories and softer than an Angel’s kiss, the Twinkie is a snack that rarely satisfies singularly. Brokenhearted people and shame eaters alike can attest that the 150 calorie a pop goodie, is often consumed by the multiple.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my closet listening to Air Supply.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my closet listening to Air Supply.

Let’s say you’re a “snacker,” and love sweets but you want to fit on an airplane…there’s a variety of 100 calorie “snack packs,” to compete with the ass-expanding hostess Twinkies. Unfortunately, most of the 100 calorie treats out there are unsatisfying and tiny. Me? I’ve tried them all, and have never been impressed. That is, until I happened upon a little something called Nonni’s THINaddictives.



The biscotti pros are here to save your swimsuit body AND kick your hongray sweet tooth to the curb with THINaddictives, a 100 calorie pack containing 3 crispy biscotti, designed to keep you looking desirable.

Attack these packs!

Attack these packs!

Maybe I’m partial to these because they are called, “THINaddictives,” two items I love…thin stuff and addictions, but I can’t get enough of the crispy confections. They are truly the FIRST AND ONLY 100 calorie prepackaged snack that doesn’t leave me feeling cheated after scarfing.

Did I mention that these babies ALSO saved my buns last week?

I live in Texas and have a pool. Due to the sweltering heat, I’m constantly entertaining friends and family over the course of our summers. Pop-ins, drop-ins and impromptu pool parties are the norm around here. Usually, I keep my kitchen stocked with all sorts of last-minute treats and tricks to pull off a great get together. Last Tuesday however, I found myself between grocery trips and fresh off a fridge cleaning jag, when a couple of gal-pals stopped in for a swim and sit.

As I scoured for a treat to serve, I remembered the box of Cranberry Almond THINAddictives I had on hand and decided to dip them in some leftover white melting chocolate. The result, while no longer “thin,” was absolutely addictive. After almost zero effort, I was able to serve a makeshift (kinda healthy) dessert that was met with rave reviews. Don’t believe me? Take a dipped batch to your family Holiday party this year and don’t be surprised if your hateful rich Aunt Mildred decides to write you back into her will.

In closing, give your hot mouth something to savor that won’t leave you hating yourself afterwards, get addicted to Nonni’s THINaddictives.




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    • I followed the directions on the package, basically 30 secs in the microwave and then stir and repeat until all melted!

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