Prepare to Fall in Love, ‘Eye To Eye’

Today has been quite the day in the good ol’ US of A.

Shine on!

Shine on!

After the Supreme Court’s striking down of DOMA, and the character assassination of Paula Deen culminated today in real buttered tears, it’s clear that what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Luckily, there’s a white suited harbinger of amour, bringing his message all the way from Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan.

Meet Taher Shah, Pakistan’s version of Celine Dion.

For your listening and viewing pleasure.

For your listening and viewing pleasure.

Taher wrote a song that is so touching and beautiful, it needs to be the soundtrack to all: weddings, hookups and Calgon bubble baths. But you don’t have to take my word for it, drink in the beauty yourself.

That Saxophone.

The Computer graphics.

Those Cascading Curls.

And of course, Singing siren of my heart, Taher…it’s all doing something for me, “downtown.”

Surely, as a nation we can come together, and while we may not see, “eye to eye,” at least we can learn to love that way

Though in the interest of full disclosure, if you’ve ever tried to “love” eye to eye, you’ll agree when I say, it’s pretty f*cking weird (pun intended.)

After all, if I wanted to stare at the crazed look a sweaty mammal gets when they are in “action mode,” I’d just go to the zoo and spend 10 minutes at the baboon cages. So maybe, we should keep the eyes fluttering in ecstasy and darting around the room when we’re in the moan zone.

True Story: This Ho is my eyebrow twin.

True Story: This Ho is my eyebrow twin.

Other than that, I say uninterrupted eye contact with the ones you love, from here on out.

And for the love of frizz-serum, Proactiv, and Acuvue colored contacts, please tell me this Lothario of love from is single and available to tour my lower-east!?

Coming to America.

Coming to America.






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