The Karl Lagerfeld Video Game is Going To Steal Your Productivity Today

If you know who Karl Lagerfeld is, congrats on being fancy and fashionable. For those of you who don’t know Karl, you truly are missing out on enjoying the universe’s most adorable grumpy Gus.

Stone cold.

Stone cold.

Lagerfeld is the man behind the fashion house Chanel and Fendi, but he’s pretty famous for being a bitter old queen who thinks everyone is a Jumbo Dumbo.

You might recall Karl as the micro-Scrooge who called Adele, fat. Which is funny, because he used to have a rather plump rump himself.

Girlfriend, please.

Girlfriend, please.

Anystarvingpepaws, Karl’s trademark, other than calling every hot slut in the world rotund, and using a hand fan (yes really) are his sunglasses. Maybe it’s because he looks a bit goofy and googly-eyed without them, but Karl is rarely seen without his signature large blackout shades.

They're kinda my thing.

They’re kinda my thing.

Luckily, the internet is here to take ol’ sourpuss down a peg, all whilst helping you kill time. Grandpa Karl’s current sunglasses distributor has created a video game called, “I Want Karl’s Sunglasses,” AKA “Je Veux Les Lunettes de Karl,” and let me just say, it’s wildly addictive.

Premise is simple: you take the sunglasses from the lil’ fella or Karl insults you in french. No, he doesn’t call you a “fat fatty from the fats,” he just says that he “doesn’t have time for you,” and “You aren’t very gifted,” which, coming from Lagerfeld, are practically complements.

You can play it HERE!

Let the game load (you can then skip the all French introduction,) since y’all don’t parly vouz the Francis, I’ll give you the details:


Use the white dot pointer to position your “hand” on Karl’s sunglasses, and SNATCH his glasses up by clicking (or tapping on your phone) away! Level up and repeat. You’re given a time limit, but trust me, you’ll keep going back for more.

I’m not sure, maybe it’s because Karl Lagerfeld is a living Disney Villain covered in a thin shell of b*tchy, but I find snatching sunglasses off that little face, so satisfying.

Fashion nerds, Adele fans, and fellow timer wasters, say “au revoir,” to getting anything done today. Yes, we were going to get out there and finish our work-week strong, but in reality, it’s been a doozy of a week and you deserve to steal from Karl Lagerfeld.

My glasses!

My glasses!

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Bonus Footage…a few years back I watched Lagerfeld Confidential, a Documentary all about Karl. (What can I say I love me some Mean Queens!?) It’s visually stunning, and completely riveting. Lagerfeld comes off as a lonely and mirthless, mad-genius.

Channeling Liberace

Channeling Liberace

I found it on YouTube if you feel like burning 1 hour and 35 minutes reading subtitles. (Be Warned, it will suck you in!)




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