These Criminals Are Under Arrest For Stealing My Heart


Sure, they’ve been bad boys and girls, yet sometimes they really know how to bring the hahas. Yes, the majority of the lawless are unwashed and high on the bad stuff, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor.

While some of you reading this have been on the other side of the law, I can bet money you weren’t dumb enough to be wearing one of these shirts.

So let’s have a laugh at other’s expense and be glad we’re not reading this on a cell wall in county. But, you’re in your own version of Jail, aren’t you? Of course, YOUR jail has terrible coffee and picked apart cupcakes in the break room, a know it all office manager who insists on ratting everyone out to the boss and an extremely flatulent cube mate who swears it’s a medical condition. But enough about the personal Hell you endure each day.


First up, here’s an older gentleman who’s just bein’ honest:



This young lad is cutting straight to a plea deal:



For obvious reasons, she was unable to successfully complete her shirt’s instructions:



Oh sweet, double D-licious, irony:



Well, at least he’s keepin’ it real:



Yes sir, it truly does:



Another proud D.A.R.E. graduate:



I’m not sure of his case details but perhaps it wasn’t such a “great idea”…



Yes he is:



You know what they say: “out on bail, soon back in jail”…



There’s a Louis C.K. comedic rant in here somewhere:



I’m guessing he’s not a friend of Bill W’s…



America’s least evasive:

OFF T JAIL - These hilarious mug-shots show a rogues' gallery of police suspects wearing comedy T-shirts including one which reads - 'America's Most Wanted'


Wonderful opportunity to advertise:



Zach Galafanakis has never been hotter:



Security, arrest this man:

mug shot


And my personal favorite, this guy is a monopoly fan and a fan of ripe irony:




via (Thanks Kathy!)

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