Chase the Mondays Away With This Tiny Ladybug Party

As you drearily read this you’re most likely cursing that the weekend is over. Oh sure, a few of you are rejoicing Monday. Why? Because it means the all-day “I’m Disappointed in Your Life Choices” lecture (AKA Father’s Day,) is over.  But the rest of us? We’re hating Monday like a music festival attendee hates hygiene.


Non-Shower Power

Luckily, this ladybug knows what’s up and is here to give us the “AWWW,” we need to get over our Mondays.

Party on.

Party on.

Back in 2010, YouTube User Stephanie Lippitt put some sprinkles on her dorm room desk and let a ladybug go wild in them. The end result is mesmerizing and so adorable, you’ll be squealing like a Taylor Swift fan on free stuffed Unicorn Day at the kitten farm.


Can you even stand it!? Party of 1, this Lady truly knows how to let the good times roll! The tiny sprinkles were like sugary balloons, lauding the beetle for some unknown achievement, SO ADORBZ!!!!

I will say this, roly polies (pillbugs) just felt a shiver down their adorable backs. While this cute as can be ladybug kick-fest may look like a delicious candy-colored wonderland to us, it also tells the roly poly, “look how easy it’d be to kick your ass.”

Oh Crap.

Oh Crap.

Yes, this video cements a cold hard fact in nature: Ladybugs and Pillbugs hate each other. They are historic rivals forever in competition for “most precious pest.”




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  1. Well, I’m late to the “party” but yes too bleepin’ adorable for words. Next time I see a lady bug its gonna be party time!!!

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