Record Huge Killer Shark Caught Off The California Coast

Monday morning, a team of fishermen filming an Outdoor Channel Reality Show called, “The Professionals,” caught an 11 ft. 1,323.5 lb. Mako Shark off the coast of Huntington California in the Sea of Cortez. The shark is currently being verified as the WORLD RECORD largest Mako ever caught on a fishing line.



After 2.5 Hours of huffing and puffing wrangling the massive shark, Jason Johnston from Mesquite TX, reeled the notoriously murderous shark in (with the help of a steel cable.) Jason showed a reality show worthy flair for the dramatic when he said the following about the massive Mako…

 “a gigantic nightmare looking to reap horrible terror on anything it comes across.”

This marks the 2nd WORLD RECORD sized shark swooped up in the Sea of Cortez in the past 2 years, remember the HUGE Great White (click on the link if you don’t)!? I think it’s safe to say the Sea of Cortez is the premiere place for large sharks. What a shock. See, for those of you new to class the Sea and I have a date with destiny in the near future. Allow me to explain.

Megalodon AKA The Lord of the Deep, is an allegedly extinct shark that grew to be anywhere from 60-100 ft. long. Science claims Megalodon died out at least 1.5 million years ago, but Science is wrong as f*ck, because the Megalodon shark still roams the seas.

Comin' attcha!

Comin’ attcha!

From all around the world, there are accounts that tell of a huge shark who dwarves the common Great White shark, terrifying all that cross its path. In Mexico, off the of Sea of Cortez, lives perhaps the world’s most famous Megalodon, the Black Demon.

For years, fishermen, captains and tour boats have witnessed and fled the Black Demon in their waters. Days the Black Demon is reported seen, all of the businesses and people whose livelihood depends on being out in Sea, close shop for the day. True story: One of my relatives was on vacation in the area and couldn’t get a tour ride from anyone because, “the Black Demon was spotted in the water.”

Scientists have laughed these people off claiming that they were mistaking the docile whale shark for Megalodon. As if they were too ignorant to notice the difference between a killing machine on wheels vs. the giant teddy bear of the undersea kingdom. Guess what Science pukes? I’ll bet your fancy post-grad degrees, the people who were RAISED IN THE SEA OF CORTEZ AND RELY ON IT TO MAKE A LIVING, are pretty well versed in whale shark/ terrifying Lord of the Deep.

To add insult to injury, Science claimed that the Sea is not dense enough with large enough fish to support the insatiable appetite of the Megalodon. Of course since then, people have proven that the Sea of Cortez is home to the Giant Humboldt Squid, The World’s 2nd largest Great White Shark was accidentally caught in a fishing net, and just last month, quite possibly the World’s Largest Amberjack Fish was caught in the Cortez.



With all of these WORLD RECORD MASSIVE MARINE CREATURES, being discovered there, it’s pretty safe to say the Sea of Cortez does in fact have enough food to sustain the Megalodon.

And now, the WORLD’s largest line-caught Mako is among the size queens found in Cortez’s mysterious waters. A new massive shark in a place where the Megalodon still feasts.

When will science admit that there’s a possibility Megalodon lives!?

Don’t worry, I’m going to prove it soon. My plan is to charter a private yacht, rent a ton of detection equipment and find the beast. I’m not looking to catch it (yet.) This first cruise will be merely to document the Black Demon. Once we get the footage, I’ll have enough to hook the military and greedy television producers to back more in-depth research that will prove once and for all, THE MEGALODON SHARK STILL EXISTS!

Soon, my love.

Soon, my love.

Well, enough about my hopes and dreams. Hi-five to Jason Johnston of Mesquite, TX. As usual, I’m proud that a Texan is awesome at killing stuff. Speaking of killin’…there’s a quote in the LA Times article I “tirelessly researched,” for this post, that is the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

It comes to us from David McGuire, the head honcho at Shark Stewards, a shark advocacy group. David was properly outraged and provided this astute and hilarious insight about the fishermen killing the Mako, rather than catching and releasing it.

“It’s really something you see more in Florida than in California, where we have more of a conservation ethic.”

Hahahahahahaha! I know he didn’t just call those men Florida trash! Them’s shark fighting words!

Guess we know what happened to Hyde from that 70's show.

Guess we know what happened to Hyde from that 70’s show.





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