Rich Gaudy Tricks Rejoice: Liberace’s Former Las Vegas Mansion is Up For Sale

A month ago today HBO’s Liberace bio flick, Behind the Candelabra, premiered. I had been excitedly waiting to see the Michael Douglas and Matt Damon vehicle, ever since the teasers and trailers for it first popped up on the internet.   Of … Continue reading

Prepare to Fall in Love, ‘Eye To Eye’

Today has been quite the day in the good ol’ US of A. After the Supreme Court’s striking down of DOMA, and the character assassination of Paula Deen culminated today in real buttered tears, it’s clear that what the world needs … Continue reading

Massive ‘Jurassic’ Yellow Jacket Nest Found in Florida (Of Course it Was)

Welp, another GOLD STAR goes to Florida, once again they’ve managed to terrify and entertain the world just by being themselves. Anyone who’s ever spent more than 5 minutes in America’s swamp knows that Florida is essentially a humid Hell straight from … Continue reading

I’m Not Yanking Your Ding Dongs, Twinkies Return to the Shelves July 15th!!!!

November 16. 2012 the Hostess snack company went officially belly up and a delicious, cream-filled, spongy piece of America died. Twinkie the Kid and his tramp friends, Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs packed up their hobo sticks and hit the rails. Luckily, back in March … Continue reading

The Karl Lagerfeld Video Game is Going To Steal Your Productivity Today

If you know who Karl Lagerfeld is, congrats on being fancy and fashionable. For those of you who don’t know Karl, you truly are missing out on enjoying the universe’s most adorable grumpy Gus. Lagerfeld is the man behind the fashion house … Continue reading

These Criminals Are Under Arrest For Stealing My Heart

Criminals. Sure, they’ve been bad boys and girls, yet sometimes they really know how to bring the hahas. Yes, the majority of the lawless are unwashed and high on the bad stuff, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of … Continue reading

The First Full-Length Trailer for Anchorman 2 is Here, and It’s Hilarious

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, is in theatres this December. Last month, a teaser trailer was released and I shared it with you the moment it became available. Today, the studio released its FIRST FULL LENGTH ANCHORMAN 2 Trailer, and it’s hysterical. Where … Continue reading

These 2 Disgusting Cookies Just Might Ruin it For ALL of Us

Some good things should be left alone. If I told you I was making a pizza out of pork rinds and sriracha, you’d no doubt scream about the “purity of pizza’s simple cheese, sauce, and bread equation.” If someone crafted gefilte fish ice … Continue reading

Chase the Mondays Away With This Tiny Ladybug Party

As you drearily read this you’re most likely cursing that the weekend is over. Oh sure, a few of you are rejoicing Monday. Why? Because it means the all-day “I’m Disappointed in Your Life Choices” lecture (AKA Father’s Day,) is over. … Continue reading

Let’s Remember Father’s Day By Laughing At Dads

Father’s day is right around the corner. Unlike Mother’s day, the expectations are much lower and there are no guilt trips if you screw it up. But just because Dads are often treated with general disinterest and portrayed as dumb … Continue reading