Mom Has Son Arrested For Stealing Her Pop Tarts

Motherhood changes you.

Motherhood changes you.

America, we’ve got a new WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD, and it goes to Latasha Renee Love, of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Latasha has a 13-year-old son, and as with all teenagers, he’s been testing her nerves. But unlike every other parent fighting the snarky teen, she called the cops.

Ms. Love showed no love when she discovered her box of precious Pop Tarts went missing and the main suspect was her son. Rather than drive her azz to the store for more, Latasha filed a police report and had her son arrested for larceny.

The Joan Crawford in training claimed she wanted to “teach him a lesson.” He was detained and will face misdemeanor larceny charges for the stolen Pop Tarts.

Watch the unintentionally hilarious clip below:

My Personal favorites are 1. At the 1:03 mark: the Children Chanting, “ALL HE WANTED WAS A POP TART!” 2. The fact that this HARD HITTING investigative reporter acted like he was reporting on the heist of the century.

Look Latasha, I can tell by your previous Mug Shot that you’ve seen the inside of a jail. I applaud you on trying to raise a law-abiding citizen, but this is not the way. If anything, you should be profusely THANKING your son for taking your Pop Tarts.

He was doing you a favor.

He was doing you a favor.

See, Pop Tarts are the worst edible thing on the planet, by stealing them he was no doubt on a mission of mercy for her taste buds.

Why the cop obliged and arrested an innocent youth simply freeing his mother from having to choke down the salty cardboard slathered in corn syrup  “breakfast pastry” that is a Pop Tart, is beyond me. Talk about your tax dollars being peed on like a urinal cake.

Still better than Pop Tarts.

Still better than Pop Tarts.

Speaking of urinal cakes, let’s go back to Pop Tarts. Maybe it’s because Toaster Strudel (invented by Gretchen Weiners Dad) are so superior…


Perhaps it’s because when I was a kid we essentially only had 2 Pop Tart flavors available…but I can’t stand the things. I’m convinced that Satan himself serves them in Hell’s cafeteria. (Well, technically a hair-netted Hitler is the lunch lady who plops them on the tray.)

Yes, I know many of you stoners, 8th graders, and weekend Dads out there are shooting me daggers right now, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by purchasing them.

Regardless, your mom can sleep well tonight knowing there’s at least one trick out there worse at raising a teen than she was. And why can’t we throw the police officer in jail for wasting the city’s time and money??





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Mom Has Son Arrested For Stealing Her Pop Tarts — 2 Comments

    • Talena, you do have a point. AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Smores flavored-pop tart is the ONLY good one. Because the crust isn’t a salty pile of chalk, it’s graham and delicious.

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