Watch This 14-Year-Old Put Eddie Van Halen Out of A Job

Whether you’re a Diamond Dave Fan or all about Van Hagar, all can agree Van Halen has had several hits. Eddie Van Halen, the evil boy king of 80’s guitar, is famous for his skilled and indulgent lengthy guitar solos.

Eddie Van Halen

Perhaps no more difficult or “classic” example of Eddie showboating is his near 2 minute solo, “Eruption.” (AKA the intro to VH’s version of “You Really Got Me.”)

Luckily, these kids today are schooled in glam-metal stadium rock acts of yore. Say hello to Tina S, a 14-year-old guitar prodigy who has not only covered the infamous solo, she’s done it while looking completely bored. I know, I know…typical teenager!!!

If Tina seems familiar it’s because 5 years ago she dazzled the internets with THIS classical guitar performance. WHEN SHE WAS 9!

Sorry Van Halen, your services are no longer needed. This young woman has leveled up past you fellas and shown the world just how unnecessary all of Eddie’s OMGTHISISSOHARDYOUGUYS Rock Expressions are.

Though I will say, Eddie Van Diva DOES play this with his eyes closed!





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