Hilarious Apology Notes

Dee Samad, is a sassy older woman from Villa Hills Kentucky. Dee and her husband are retired and enjoying the finer things in life, like a backyard poolside bar complete with beer tap and a mini fridge stocked with cans of beer.

As with all PERFECT SCENARIOS, someone found a way to screw with it. Over the past few years a pesky neighbor has been sneaking beers and taking them without getting caught. Well, in a move no one would have ever guessed, the Sneak-Thief left the Samads an apology letter, complete with $140.00 in restitution.


The note explains that the beer purloiner has found religion and decided to make amends for all the past hop heists.

Dee and her husband were touched by the former jerk’s honesty and generosity, though they have yet to meet the person, the Samads claim the former prowler is welcome to visit their home as a guest anytime.

All this peace, love and understanding nonsense caused me to scour the internets for hilarious apology notes, think of these as the Anti Passive-Aggressive Notes.

First up is a sobered up bike thief.

FYI: She continued her rampage of horrors by giving them a coupon for a free Domino’s Pizza Molten Lava Cake. The coupon requires you purchase a pizza from Domino’s, so it’s less of a consolation prize and more of a diarrhea invitation.




Here’s a bro who cursed his fellow roommates with hastily purchased TERRIBLE TOILET PAPER!




Speaking of toilet paper, how about this for a CRAPPY cake!? Story behind the confection is someone’s boyfriend got WASTED passed out with his head in the toilet and then proceeded to crap all over the bathroom floor.



Here’s an apology written by a Husband who accidentally left a love note for his wife on the wrong car…


Love means never having to say you’re sorry.


The next time I host a party, I’m totes hanging this in all of my bathroom medicine cabinets…



Gotta love the brutally honest apology paired with class warfare…



Though many of the apologies above are the result of questionable and some downright awful situations, I think the wit, creativity and gritty honesty of each warrants a full amends.

In the words of JC, the Dali Lama, Gandhi and The Who, “You are forgiven.”


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