The New Trailer for Anchorman 2 is Out (LOLZ Abound)

In 2004 the classic Will Ferrell comedy, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, was released and the world was gifted with limitless re-quoting material. Not since the first Austin Powers movie was there a film so filled with quotable hilarity.

The boys are back.

The boys are back.

Last year, it was announced a sequel to Anchorman was on its way, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Saturday, the studio released the following trailer for the SURE TO BE comedy hit of the year.

The trailer begins with the Narrator reminding us, “Jesus, MacArthur, Jay-Z: The great ones always return.” Then ends with Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy yelling, “Hey! Fatface! You! You stay classy.” 

Sadly, we’ll all have to wait until December 20th to get our fresh fix of Champ, Ron, Frank, Veronica, and Dumb Dummy, Brick Tamland.

The laffs are sure to be plentiful!

The laffs are sure to be plentiful!

But cheer up! With rumored cameos from, TIna Fey, Amy Poehler, Harrison Ford, Drake and Kanye West, there’s a myriad of reasons it’s all going to be WORTH THE LONG WAIT!

Kanye channeling 80's Eddie Murphy/ Levar Burton.

Kanye channeling 80’s Eddie Murphy/ Levar Burton.


And for anyone who STILL isn’t jazzed, consider this photo taken while shooting…it’s of RON FIGHTING A SHARK WITH HIS BARE HANDS!



via Rolling Stone

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