Now Open For Real: A Bluth Frozen Banana Stand (Because there’s always money in the Banana Stand!)

Arrested Development’s Bluth Family once commanded an entire real estate empire. However, as every fan of the soon to be back sitcom knows, they almost lost it all through shady deals and illegal doings. The humble beginnings for the wealthy family all started in a small frozen banana stand, which the fictitious family operates to this very day.

Where's Mr. Bananagrabber when you need him.

Where’s Mr. Bananagrabber when you need him.

Well, because everyone knows that the Bluths are coming back at the end of the month with an exclusive season 4 debuting all at once on Netflix, the promotions team has been hard at work reminding fans of the family’s triumphant return.

With just 2 weeks and 4 days until the new season premieres, a traveling Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand has popped up in London and will be making stops in New York, and Los Angeles all before the show debuts again.

Lucky London

Lucky London

Yes, you can actually purchase a real frozen banana from a REAL banana stand. I’m so jealous of you sluts in those 3 cities right now, I’m going to drown my sorrows in a juice box.

Of course, here’s hoping the stand doesn’t meet the same fate as the original stand met when Michael and his son George Michael, BURNED IT DOWN.

The big yellow joint is rolling again, and hopefully the stand will prove SO POPULAR the tour will be extended to more US cities.

That being said, I’ll give my hand (sorry Buster Bluth) to have the marketing geniuses bring other Arrested Development gags to life. In no particular order here are the top 5 things I’d love to see in REAL LIFE.

1. Balboa Bay Window 

balboa bay

The official news magazine of the Balboa Towers Luxury Condominiums, is by far my favorite AD sight gag. Buster and Lucille often make the cover.

And since we’re talking about fake magazines…

2. Poof Magazine

"I've just gotta get into that Poof!"

“I’ve just gotta get into that Poof!”

The official magazine of magicians. It’s where you can read about all the latest magician ILLUSIONS, because afterall…”tricks are something whores do for money.”

3. Klimpy’s


Klimpy’s is a family restaurant chain that Lucille Bluth hates. To quote Lucille, “If I still had money I’d buy a Klimpy’s just to BURN IT TO THE GROUND.”

Here’s a classic clip of Lucille lowering herself to eat at Klimpy’s…


4. The Corn Baller


Invented by George Bluth in the 1970’s the Cornballer makes fried cornballs. Unfortunately, it also makes serious burns so it was outlawed in the US. Luckily, it’s still being allegedly sold in Mexico.

5. Tobias is Queen Mary

queen mary

“Oh Tobias, you blowhard!”

Dr. Tobias Funke, the world’s first Analyst/ Therapist hybrid, Analrapist (a term he coined) decided to buy a failing bar. Unbeknownst to him, even though the name was “QUEEN MARY,” it was a gay bar. He meant for the place’s new name to be “Tobias’ Queen Mary” but the sign maker got it all wrong and the name of the bar is essentially what we all already knew…”Tobias IS Queen Mary.”

And a bonus running gag from Arrested Development they need to make IRL (in real life)…



The annual Mother/Son Dinner and Dance that Lucille and Buster have ROCKED for over 30 years. Always in matching costumes.




Let me just be perfectly clear, if you are reading this and live in a city that has or will soon have access to the Banana Stand, it is your CIVIC DUTY to patronize it for me. MEET YOU DOWN AT THE BIG YELLOW JOINT!!



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