Jimmy McMillan is Back and Ready to Save New York

This clap-trap hobo parlor of a website is usually devoted to elaborate fart jokes and shots of grain alcohol, rarely will you see a post about politics. But sometimes even the most hardened hooligan needs to buckle down and be serious.



New York City is about to kick out mayor Mikey Bloomberg due to term limits, because of this, the mayoral race is wide open. Well, it WAS wide open until Jimmy McMillan threw his walrus whiskers into the ring yesterday with a music video/campaign theme song.

If you think Mr. McMillan looks familiar, it’s because he is. Jimmy ran for NY Governor in 2010 and PRESIDENT this last round of elections, and was known lovingly as “The Rent is Too Damn High Guy.” It’s nice to see that he’s still outraged by the rent prices in Manhattan.

Please take a moment to watch his aural gift to the world, and enjoy lyrics such as,

“The rent is too damn high. / My mustache and haircut is too damn fly.”

Can we all agree that this man needs to be Mayor of NYC? Seriously, between the look, the passion and the most incredible political theme song in the history of our great nation, it’s all a WIN for me.

You'd better recognize.

You’d better recognize.

New Yorkers, PLEASE put Jimmy in the mayor’s seat, and once he’s done a little time there, let’s take his luxurious facial hair all the way to the white house.

At the very least, Kenan Thompson better milk this return to the campaign trail for all it’s worth on SNL.





(For ATX)



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