We Could All Use a Strong Dose of Cute Right Now

Between bombings, explosions and manhunts, this has been a really sh*tty week. And don’t get me started on the nutjobs channeling their inner Jessica Fletcher on social media. Because we all need to take a breath and break from the clusterfudge that the past 5 days have been, I’ve decided to share pretty much the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve seen on the internet this year.

Meet Apple Moonbeam.


In addition to having the name of a Coachella Festival attendee, Apple is a 5 week old baby squirrel found abandoned and freezing in the forest.

Because Humanity’s not quite ready to tap out of the kindness game, an awesome person scooped the poor baby up and took him home to give the baby a chance at life.

Rolled up in a sweatshirt, in a cupholder.

Rolled up in a sweatshirt, in a cupholder.

After making a heating pad lined makeshift nest in a bathroom sink, the squirrel warmed up and was ready to eat.

apple 11

Adorable first feeding.


After Apple’s unexpected arrival, the rescuer’s dogs, Maverick and Scout, were soon introduced.


The results were astonishing…

Keeping Guard

Keeping Guard

The two decided to adopt Apple Moonbeam and have been protecting the squirrel ever since.


apple 5

Giving rides…


Hangin’ out…


One happy family.


Apple Moonbeam’s eyes were closed and only opened 3 days ago, which means Maverick and Scout are the only two parents the squirrel will ever know.


Dogs, once again showing us how it’s really done and beating mankind in the love department.


Here’s the incredible album, that documents the entire process. Because I want to insure maximum adorability quotients are reached, here’s a video of Apple Moonbeam and pals.


PS: If this post didn’t make you smile, cry, sigh, or something warm and fuzzy, congrats a-hole, you’re officially a robot.


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