Kitten Really (Really, Really!) Loves Milk

Well crap. Here we are again, bleary-eyed and sleep deprived, cursing the beginning of another workweek. But don’t worry kiddies, I’ve got a veddy special treat for you this not-so-fine Monday morning. The following is a video of a little … Continue reading

The New 100 Dollar Bill is Hideous

Benjamin Franklin was a partying and inventing stuff machine. When he wasn’t hanging out with a talking mouse, the true baller of our founding fathers was tearing sh*t up on the runway, Franklin was the natty dresser of the group. Look … Continue reading

Jimmy McMillan is Back and Ready to Save New York

This clap-trap hobo parlor of a website is usually devoted to elaborate fart jokes and shots of grain alcohol, rarely will you see a post about politics. But sometimes even the most hardened hooligan needs to buckle down and be … Continue reading

Whataburger Ketchup With a Side of Vanilla Ice

People, yesterday in my world was one for the books. I got two major announcements involving two of my obsessions, Whataburger Ketchup and Vanilla Ice. If you’ve ever been to a Whataburger, you know the ketchup they serve is the greatest … Continue reading

Huey Lewis and the New Corolla

Where were you on February 21st, 2013? Me? I haven’t a clue. All I know is there’s a 99% chance I was gorging on old Valentine’s candy, but other than that? I’m drawing a blank. 1980’s and Dad Rock Icon, Huey … Continue reading

Celebrities Are Just Like Us, The Reese Witherspoon Edition

You’ll have to forgive me, all these years I’ve not been giving Reese Witherspoon her due.  Thanks to adorable film roles and knockout red carpet moments, I just assumed I would have stolen Reese’s lunch money if we were in high … Continue reading

We Could All Use a Strong Dose of Cute Right Now

Between bombings, explosions and manhunts, this has been a really sh*tty week. And don’t get me started on the nutjobs channeling their inner Jessica Fletcher on social media. Because we all need to take a breath and break from the clusterfudge that the … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: The Post Where I Come Off as a Calloused Jerk

Mad Dad … losing … emotion … quickly!!!! Amid the terrible destruction and death of the past week in Boston and, now, in West, Texas, I had a really hard time feeling sorry for people. I’ve been this way for … Continue reading

Man Arrested For Ordering “The Happy Ending Meal” at McDonald’s

Donald Jones is a man from New Mexico that knows what a woman wants in this world. Last Friday, he went to a park in Albuquerque and picked up a lady known for her ho-strolling ways. He then drove his new … Continue reading