Watch Justin Timberlake Do 5 Shots in 10 Minutes (Celebrities are Just Like Us!)

I see you there, sleep deprived and salty from the drunk sweats, your bleary eyes are blankly staring into the black abyss of the work week. Like you, I’m wishing right about now that I had a magical time-stopping watch. Stupid Monday.



Luckily, Justin Timberlake is here to slam 5 shots of Tequilla, play a round of mini golf, be adorable and do his best impression of Michael Caine for you, all in the span of 10 minutes.

Glug, glug, you gorgeous booze hound!

Glug, glug, you gorgeous booze hound!

Yes, this is ANOTHER Timbsy post, but HEY, we went MONTHS AND MONTHS with no Justin posts. Don’t like it? Just go sneak another donut from the break room and shame eat in the supply closet in lieu of wasting your time watching this awe-inspiring appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show. NOTE: there are a couple of naughty words, so listen with earphones or when your boss isn’t around.


Line of the clip occurs when Justin toasts their FOURTH SHOT with, “To the last Jonathan Ross Show, ever!”

Fan or hater, as drunk hilarious sluts we can all agree bro’s got some serious slingin’ chops. I mean, I can do 5 shots in 10 minutes no problem, but I have the alcohol tolerance of an old dock whore on dollar well nite at The Rusty Anchor.

Let’s raise our extra strong coffees (or Herbal Tea if you’re sophisterated) and toast to this evening, when we’ll all be reenacting Justin’s drinking feat pantsless with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blaring in the background.



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