London’s Cake Hotel Was Just as Delicious As it Sounds

Remember Hansel and Gretel? The children’s story, not the Movie starring Grumpy Cat AKA Jeremy Renner.

If you read this as a kid, we can be best friends.

If you read this version as a kid, we can be best friends.

Two kids are lured into an evil witch’s clutches by entering her sumptuous, life-size, gingerbread house. Admit it, you’ve fantasized about diving into a non-cannibal hag occupied version of her edible shack.

Well, in news that is sure to make that ol’ sick slut furious, a British sugar company, Tate and Lyle opened a CAKE HOTEL! The Cake Hotel was an 8-Room House converted (for one night only) into the world’s most delicious accommodations.

Bite it!

Bite it!

The Sugar Mansion was opened YESTERDAY, March 21st only, and one lucky couple was invited to stay inside the glorious sugar walls.

It took 14 bakers and masters of sugar sculpting over 2,000 hours to make the delights that filled Cake Hotel, then an additional 900 hours to assemble.

The end result can only be described as: a scrumdiddlyumptious delight that Willy Wonka himself would be jealous of!

Though it is now gone, it will never be forgotten…BEHOLD!

Lick it!

Eat it!


Here's a real treasure.

Here’s a real treasure.


Even the floral arrangements are edible.

Even the floral arrangements are edible.


Soaking in the sweet.

Looks like a typical Friday night to me.


Yes, you can eat those pillows and petals.

Yes, you can eat the book, those pillows and petals.


On the bright side, the cake elves are still taking the wonder apart, there’s a great chance if you find yourself in London in the next couple of days, specifically on Dean Street in Soho, you’ll get some delicious dumpster divin’ goodies!

In closing, this should have been in America. If any nation has proven to have the sturdy jaws and ample paunches to munch an entire hotel composed of cake and sweets, it’s US.




Don’t let those Redcoats out Yankee our sweet DESTINY!

(She was singing about walls made of sugar, right?)





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