For a Good Time, Read the Bathroom Wall

When I was a kid, a favorite school activity of mine was reading and interpreting graffiti in the girl’s restroom.

Usually, it involved one of two things:

1. Calling out a specific individual for past indiscretions: “Renee is a skank who doesn’t change her tampon!” and “Julie’s a ho-bag slut who loves to lick pubez.” 


2. Crude drawings of dongs.

This was my standard adolescent toilet literature. (Suddenly, it all makes sense!)

When I moved on to college, the walls became crowded with funny and engaging prose. From burning a mean professor or shredding an ex-lover to quotes from cult movies, the university bathroom stalls were always scrawled with comedy gold.

Even today, as an adult, when I go to a public restroom seedy enough to have note-worthy graffiti outside of the standard, “Boo + T-Bone= 4 EVA!” I always make sure to share the laughs/ wisdom with everyone outside of the stall.

That’s why when a reader sent me a link to an article titled: Wise Words From Bathroom Stalls, I knew I just had to share the best with you.

First up, the deep thinker…



Beyoncé-related Inspiration:

Star Beyonce





Hot graffiti on graffiti action:



Witty Wisdom…

duct tape


Excellent and timely advice:

Push it real bad


LOL = Laughing out logs.

instagram joke


Audience Feedback is a plus:

Dump taker


I’m going to start screaming this at everything that infuriates me:

Be a Pizza


Hand drawn urinal advice:

Batman urinal


Because the majority of my tireless “research” involves a series of related clicks down a rabbit hole of internet foolery, I ended up at my new favorite website, From the Bathroom Wall, it showcases hilarious graffiti, bathroom wall and BEYOND.

Check out these GEMS I found…

Hooray sluts:


The preacher gettin’ preached:



And more hilarity from BEYOND

The classic “Your Mom” written on the side of a wiener:


Perfect Sign Placement:



Anyone who’s ever been to Southern Decadence knows all about these:



A tragic statistic:






Today, I challenge each of you to document the GOLD Graffiti you come across in your life. Then share it with friends, freaks and complete strangers…what I’m trying to say is: SUBMIT THEM TO MEEEE, I LOVE THIS BATHROOM CRAP!


(Thanks, LT!)



For a Good Time, Read the Bathroom Wall — 2 Comments

  1. I am so happy that there are others in the world who appreciate your mama jokes as much as I do. : )
    I also very much enjoyed reading this on the crapper.
    Love T

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