The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Fallon Love With JT & Jimmy

Hear that? It’s the sound of Texan students collectively groaning that SPRING BREAK 2013 is officially OVAH. For the record, everyone’s miserable SB’13 is done… commuters are bummed that traffic is back to being a massive clusterf*ck, and School professionals are searching for that emergency bottle of Kahlua in the back of their desk.

But cheer up, I’ve got a steaming cup of LAFFS to help remedy the general disdain and misery that abounds this bleak Monday.

Time to suck it up and move on.

Time to suck it up and move on.


Dear Beloved Timberlake Appreciation Society:

Last week, Justin Timberlake sat in on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as musical guest and resident hilarious partner in ha-has. While many non-TAS members most likely skipped it, I’m sensitive to all our esteemed fellow Timberlake Appreciation Society members who were too, tired, drunk, or stoned to set their DVRs and watch the greatness.

For you, my dearest fellow Timberlake fans, I have compiled last week’s greatest hits skits, all for you to effortlessly enjoy in the comfort of our humble little hobo parlor.

Simply tell your boss to shove off for a few minutes, press play, and try not to do a spit take at the glorious laughs comin’ your way!

Your Friend & founder of the Timberlake Appreciation Society, 



Justin’s Best Moments from Last Week’s Late Night Timberlakeaganza

Round of applause for our beloved cause.

Round of applause for our beloved cause.

First Up, Justin and Jimmy joined a Barbershop Quartet called, The Ragtime Gals, they performed, “Sexyback.” (Make sure to watch the old-timey sexy dancin’ at the end!)


Next there was Real People Fake Arms, Part one and Two, Starring Steve Carell. I won’t embed either skit…not because Justin did anything wrong, but because I’m protesting Steve Carell.

They made my 11 bucks disappear.

He made my 11 bucks disappear.

See, this past weekend I was one of the 10 people who went to see the incredibly unfunny and bland, “Burt Wonderstone.” Thankfully, I had an emergency flask filled with Whiskey and got stinking drunk during the screening.

Yes, it was my own fault for going to see a movie about magicians that had Jim Carrey in it, but thanks to GOB Bluth, I was under the sad belief that magic could be hilarious.

He's just gotta get in that POOF!

He’s just gotta get in that POOF!

But I’m getting off topic, back to JT’s AWESOME WEEK HIGHLIGHTS!!!

Mellow rocker Michael McDonald FINALLY joined Justin and Jimmy in a HILARIOUS rendition of “Row Row Row, Your Boat.”

Official Yacht Rock

Official Yacht Rock

Fun Fact: You all know by now that Justin was Jimmy’s first guest ever on his show. Well, during Justin’s  VERY FIRST appearance on Late Night, Justin did an impression of Michael McDonald singing a Bud Lime jingle, it was awesome. I still sing it every time I drink a Bud Lime. The best bros have been trying to get ol’ McDonald to do something with them for years, last week…he agreed.


Then there was, this one time at Camp Winnipesaukee…JT and Jimmy sang Toto’s “Africa,” and everyone broke character.

While not a skit, nor funny…this next bit I HAD TO EMBED! Justin treated us to a 10 minute medley of his greatest hits, I’m sure those greedy queens at YouTube will snatch it down in NO TIME, but feel free to groove to his sweet sweet jams until they do!


In a move I called weeks ago,  then they ended the week with THE HISTORY OF RAP, Part 4. (Watching JT rock out Run DMC, 2 Live Crew and The Beastie Boys was incredible!)


Well, our amazing week of Justin, foist on SNL and then on Jimmy, is now officially over. While I’m super sad it’s come to an end, I have to say, the man NEVER disappoints. My favorite thing about Timbsy is he KNOWS what we love to see, and he has no problem givin’ it to us. Be it cocky Restaurant Mascots or elaborate singing skits with Fallon, JUSTIN ALWAYS BRINGS THE GOODS.

In closing, if you still don’t like Justin, there’s no hope for you.

Word, gurl!

Word, gurl!

(For the Timberlake Appreciation Society’s Sgt. At Arms, Richard)





The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Fallon Love With JT & Jimmy — 7 Comments

  1. It was so perfect. JT at his very best – getting better and better with age. Loved every single night of the show!

  2. The 10 minutes of heaven is the best. And I agree with L4L. First thing I do when I click the link is read the tags!

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