Willie Nelson’s Portrait on Toast is the Coolest Thing SXSW Has Ever Done

Whole Paycheck, er…Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Coincidentally, Austin is currently home to the South By Southwest Music and Film Festival. AKA The biggest reason to avoid traveling to Austin this time of year.

Do not want.

Do not want.

Every March, Austin gets a near-lethal dose of Pabst blue ribbon and clove cigarettes when droves of rich kids who dress like poor kids, descend on the city for the festival. The town is essentially shut down and Austinites are left with unwanted guests sleeping on their floors.

Anybandofhorses, the Hippies at Whole Foods decided to create a piece of artwork to display during the festival. Say hello to Willie Nelson’s Portrait in Toast.

Makes the Mona Lisa look like dog turds.

Makes the Mona Lisa look like dog turds.

The piece was created by Whole Foods employee Honey Thompson to commemorate the launch of the company’s new online magazine, Dark Rye.

Starting today, March 13th, Toasted Willie will be on display at the Haus of Hipstamatic (I just can’t with that name.)


Get back, spoiled brats!

Can’t wait for you hipwads to get “On the Road Again.”

Seeing the Red-Haired stranger, Texan Icon and world-famous burner, burned out on delicious bread is not only breathtaking and beautiful…it’s got me thinking.

Toast, you’re the hooker we hate the most at breakfast. More often than not, you’re merely seen as a jam/butter delivery vehicle.

Side piece.

Side piece.

These days, with our rock and roll no-carb crazy go-go lifestyles, toast is almost ignored completely. The truth is, nobody sops up bacon grease and runny egg yolks better than you, Toastie. So while we frequently take you for granted, know that: you are always on our plates, always on our plates.

(Shout out to the vision at the 44 sec mark!)



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