Try Not to Fall in Love With this Dreamboat

The nighttime is the right-time for lovers. Tonight I come to you with a speedo-clad Adonis who decided to join in on a workout at a resort he was visiting. What transpired was part beautiful poetry and part commercial for Jello Pudding Pops.

Be your own rainbow.

Be your own rainbow.

 Make sure to watch it alone with Kenny G softly playing in the background.

WARNING! The actual song they are working out to is called, “Big D*ck,” so make sure your Nana has gone to bed before watching it at full volume. (NSFW!)

Judging by the music, cyrillic writing and the fact that his belly looks like a Vodka Pinata, the internets are saying he’s Russian.Somewhere there’s a chafed ballsack “Red Dawn” joke to be made.

I Love how At the 4:32 mark our Comrade notices he’s being filmed and sucks in/ tries to act like he’s not tired as hail and over it. Faking vigor and sucking in are two moves I wrote the book on. It takes a master to recognize greatness in another. Slow clap for this portly sexpot, he’s the real hero.



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