The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Here All Week

Greetings fellow Justin Timberlake enthusiasts, pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey, grab a cucumber sandwich and meet me in the salon, we have much to discuss.

This past Saturday, our beloved cause and treasure to the world, Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live, it was his fifth time to host. For those who don’t already know this, I’m a huge SNL dork. Yes, many of the episodes are awful and more often than not the skits run way too long, but I continue to hang in there. Why? Because every once in a while there’s an episode so hilarious and sterling, it makes all the suffering worthwhile. Justin’s episode was one of those magical occasions.

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If ever there was a “Perfect Episode” of SNL, surely this latest installment is it. From beginning to end, Justin brought the goods. If you missed it, watch it here.

The monologue featured all of SNL’s “Five Timers Club” Members, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Candice Bergen and Steve Martin with cameos by Martin Short and Dan Akroyd.

The Three Amigos Ride Again!

The Three Amigos Ride Again!

Andy Samberg returned to give the world what they really wanted: AN APPEARANCE BY THE D*ck in a Box Dudes!


We were also treated to Veganville, a skit that had JT singing a snippet of “Ice Ice Baby!”

Bring it on down!

Bring it on down!

Not even kidding, when JT started singing Vanilla Ice on SNL, it was as if the fates were throwing a wink at yours truly, I was in heaven.

Jay-Z showed up to sing his part on “Suit and Tie,” and Justin took a moment to address super-jealous stunt queen, Kanye West, who had previously called JT’s new stuff, “underwhelming.” That’s rich. If anyone knows about being underwhelming, it’s princess Kanye.

Yeezy? Oh pleezy!

Yeezy? Oh pleezy!

Weekend Update had Stefon…

Get it girl!

Get it girl!

And then we were treated to this bleach blonde vision. (Somewhere, Matthew McConaughey is missing his look.)


Channeling the Texas T-Rex

The only problem I had, and it’s a tiny one, involved Justin’s hair. Seems being married to Oatmeal Biel has caused his hair to straighten from boredom. No doubt stupid face convinced him to get a relaxer, she’s the worst!

Straight as a BORED.

Straight as a BORED.


Timbsy, take it from the founder of the world’s first and only society devoted to proving you are worthy of love and adoration: Let your ‘fro grow, bro. We prefer you au natural and kinky.

The Golden Curls need a comeback.

The Golden Curls need a comeback.

And Now? We have Justin on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon ALL WEEK.

All aboard the SS Ha-Ha!

Better than fleet week!

JT is performing and hanging with his best bro through Friday, if you haven’t set your DVRs, do so ASAP. From the history of Rap, to the Barry Gibb Talk Show, when these two get together two things are certain…

1. It will be funny.


2. Jimmy Fallon will break character.

And for those who doubt the magic that is our beloved Timberlake? Consider this: Saturday Night Live enjoyed its highest ratings in 14 months thanks to Justin. Why Lorne Michaels doesn’t just hire Justin as the permanent host, is beyond me.

No one is better.

Nobody does it better.



The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Here All Week — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah, what is with the hair? I prefer it how it is in the last photo–short-cropped but au natural.

    And his face is looking quite smooth and immobile as of late. Has there been work done?

  2. I was totally thinking of you while watching SNL! Not in a weird, creepy way…but if we were friends I would have been texting you about how freaking funny the show was! I was so afraid I would have to explain my weird, small obsession with Mr. Timberlake, but the husband fortunately did not notice.

    I think his face looks great, he takes good care of himself and is keeping young. The hair, it may take some getting used to. Hopefully he is just going for the “crooner” look and will resort back to his curls. No matter what, he is still a hottie and so much fun to watch. :o)

    • I agree, he’s crooning it up and will no doubt drop the dep when he completes his tour!
      PS: Always happy to be in your thoughts…creepy or otherwise, and BTW I totally would have been texting you back!

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