For Instant Laughs, Stick to Your Pricetag

I had a birthday at the beginning of the month, and while I’m another year closer to popping Werther’s and wearing fanny packs in a non-ironic way, my sense of humor is wildly immature. I’m essentially a 14-year old boy on the inside.

Forever young.

Forever young.

Fart jokes, crude t-shirts, laughing when people fall, nut shots, ALL give me a funny boner. That’s why when I saw this photo titled, “Inappropriate Price Tag Placements,” I had to pass it on.

But before I do that, lemme ask y’all a simple question, show of hands: “Who here has ever worked retail?”

That’s what I thought…basically everyone.

The lines, the sh*tty bosses, clueless customers, and meddling brats, it’s hard to earn a laugh amid those conditions.



Luckily, with a little help from the humble price tag, everyone working the ‘tail-stroll has a new hobby to try out at work.

Say hello to the Art of inappropriate Price Tag Placement!


My Faves?

1. Winnie The Pooh CD Case. (Hardcore Pooh Hilarity)

2. The Catfood, Anal Fantasy (greetings google search perverts!)


3. For obvious reasons, “Little Ho on the Prairie.”

via (Thanks, Paul!)


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