The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Thank You, Mark Cuban

February 2nd, 2013 will forever be remembered by members of the Justin Timberlake Appreciation Society as a momentous day. You see, this past Groundhog Day, while the rest of America affixed their eyes on a bucktoothed rodent, our treasured cause, Justin Timberlake was preparing for his first LIVE SHOW in 5 years.

The Event? A private Superbowl party in New Orleans thrown by Texan billionaire and Herman Munster lookalike, Mark Cuban. Who knew the “Cubes” was a fellow Timberlake fan!?

One of Us

One of Us

I’d like to take this moment to apologize to the former assumed douchebag. See, for years I’ve poked fun at the egomaniacal moneyed man, and the whole time he was a fellow Timberlake lover from another mother. Mark Cuban, I was wrong about you being a man who makes fingerguns and says “‘Sup.” As the founder of our esteemed Timberlake Appreciation Society, the internet’s first society devoted to proving that Justin Timberlake is worthy of love, I am proud to offer you an honorary membership amid these Ivory towers.

Brother Cubes, You’ve got Scrooge McDuck money and you chose to ride that tidal wave of cash all the way to Timberlake Town. Be it through commissioning and presenting Justin with a solid gold statue of Britney (circa 2007) , or simply providing the classic, “boatload o’ cash,” whatever the method you used to coax JT out of his performing hiatus, I thank you for it.

He's good people!

He’s good people!

Fun Fact: Grouchymuffin resident Mixology Professor, and guest writer, Bex was fabulous enough to not only attend the BIG GAME AKA this year’s Superbowl in person, but had a front row seat to all the pre and post game action. Bex had the pleasure of meeting Mark Cuban this past weekend, and she insists he’s a nice guy. I’m inclined to believe her on his nice quotient. If I had Scrooge McDuck Money and Riches, I’d be nice too. Anyluckysluts, Bex snapped this self-described “Glamour Shot,” of Mark this weekend.


Thank you for the beauty, Bex.

Stunning right? At this very moment, I can think of a zillion different jokes, goof ups, insults, snarks and the like to write. But I’m not going to. You see, Mark is a newly-minted honorary member of our exclusive circle. Let’s  face it guys, The TAS Grand Clubhouse needs a new coat of marble in the stained glass solarium. Cuban is spendy and likes to party, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s funding our Justin Watching trips around the globe.

Did I mention Bex also got to Party with Paul McCartney and his hot piece, Nancy Shevell? Yeah, I hate her for being an “awesome life moments” hoarder, too.

Presentation is everything.

Presentation is everything.

Now, on with the show. The Cuban Private Timberlake Concert!

My fellow Timberlake enthusiasts, It is with great joy and unbridled relief to report that it was a huge success. And thanks to the magic of YouTube, I have several moments to share with you!

I'm Back, Y'all!

I’m Back, Y’all!

Dressed in a very dapper, suit and tie, Justin performed old hits, danced, partied and joked with the audience, in other words, it was a heckuva show. JT sang 3 songs from his upcoming release, The 20/20 Experience.

Jay-Z took a break from palm-fronding Beyonce’s Ego and dropped in to perform on his newest hit single, “Suit and Tie.”

He introduced the songs Pusher Lover Girl, and That Girl. The latter has the chorus of: “I’m in love with that girl / don’t be mad at me.” “Pusher,” is about the drug-like addiction of love, (or of the funk?)

Listen and interpret for yourself.

“That Girl,” appears be his musical response to the back lash when he decided to throw his life away temporarily by proposing to Oatmeal Biel, it better be catchy or I’ll hit the skip button on it, forever. Let’s watch it now…

Ever humble and open to pleasing his fans, Just whipped out his Sexy and sang his monster hit for the audience. Timbaland popped in and helped him out. Our gracious YouTube filmer has it labeled “Timberlake ft. Timberlake.” ROFL.


Justin lovers, it is but mere moments before JT begins his media blitz of new album promotion. One can only hope that he is going to be touring too!

In closing, my cherished colleagues, our cause is back in a big way!

Special thanks once again to Mark Cuban for paying through the nose to remind the world that Timberlake still gots it.





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  1. “Oatmeal Biel” HAHAHAHA! Love it. Seriously though, I couldn’t even bring myself to listen. Denial is the only way to deal, acceptance is overrated.

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