Goodbye, Greatest Television Situational Comedy In the History of Ever


30 Rock’s Series Finale airs Tonight. Blerg.

The Tina Fey created Tracy Morgan vehicle has been a staple on my DVR for the last 7 years. I’ll admit, the first few episodes fell flat with me, but all that changed with the Episode: “Jack the Writer.” I suddenly got it. The show, while hard to follow and woven with rapid fire genius and absurdity, soon became my favorite TV Show.

Look jerks, this is MY PERSONAL blog. Therefore, I can spew my beliefs as I see fit. I’m a fan of a TON of Hilarious, Brilliant, shows: Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Addams Family, etc. But for me personally, 30 Rock is my favorite. So if you aren’t a fan of 30 Rock, simply skip this post and go watch another episode of Two and a Half Men.

Everyone else? On with the post!

Devin Banks = Greatest Television Nemesis, EVER.

Devin Banks = Greatest Television Nemesis, EVER.

Because Shame-Eating and Tequilla Shots aren’t socially acceptable in these parts until after sunset, I’ve decided to deal with the grief of my fave sitcom going dark tonight by indulging in another one of my vices: FAN ART!


First up a beautiful portrait of Jack and Liz

30 Rock Fan Art

by: jrtistic


Beautiful genius, Adam Osgood captures the two Anti-Heroes of the Show, Kenneth the Page and Pete Hornberger, perfectly.





Kenneth Ellen Parcell

Of course, the greatest quote ever uttered by modern man, “Live every week like it’s shark Week,” deserves TWO commemorative Samplers:


Live Every Week


My favorite.

My favorite.



I need this Liz Lemon Fingerpuppet:

Liz Lemon Finger Puppet



Here’s a drawing of Dr. Leo Spaceman (“It’s pronounced Spa-che-men”)

Dr. Leo Spaceman


My Dinner tonight? A Bag of knock-off Cheetos since they stopped selling Sabor De Soledad after they caused all of those false positive pregnancy tests.

Sabor De Solidad


Make sure while you’re watching the hour-long finale on NBC, you drink plenty  30 Rocktails!

Check out these “30 Rocktail Recipes” from Flavorwire!


There’s the Astronaut Mike Dexter King of Monaco (Named after Liz Lemon’s Fake Boyfriend)

Mike Dexter 30 Rocktail

Or perhaps the Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boy better suits your mood?

Nancy Drew 30 Rocktail

How about the hilarious Hill People Milk?

Hill People Milk 30 Rocktail Recipe


Thank you Tina Fey and Crew for the consistent chuckles and razzamataz for these past 7 years, and most importanly: Thanks, Meat Cat!

Thanks, Meat Cat







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