Post By Lover Fo’ Life: No Really, My Prom Theme Was Hakuna Matata

 No Really, My Prom Theme Was Hakuna Matata

In a post yesterday I mentioned that the theme of my high school prom was Hakuna Matata. Someone commented with a bit of incredulity that this could ever possibly be the case. Unfortunately, it was the case. I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up.


It started in what I’m guessing was the normal way. I’ve never coordinated a dance or school function so I’m just guessing. I’m sure there was a committee. Probably with a well-meaning faculty sponsor. This committee no doubt was populated by a group of girls. Most likely girls not popular enough or busy enough to be above such work. At any rate someone had the bright idea of letting the students vote on what the theme would be. Maybe they do this every year. I don’t know…I really didn’t pay attention. I do remember that the options were all pretty awful.

There was also a sort of mini-revolt in my high school brewing that year. A malaise that exists at every school came to a head. I’m talking about the eternal conflict between the substrata of social classes represented at every high school. The jocks, cheerleaders and other rich/pretty/popular types had taken things too far and the nerds had synchronized calculators and decided there were far more of us than there were of them. As a result we had elected a homecoming king who was the captain of the academic decathlon team. An unassuming young man of Indian decent in coke-bottle glasses, if I remember correctly. His queen was a representative of the “band queers”. A mousy girl I think was first or second chair clarinet. Neither would have been deemed socially acceptable at any other school I’ve ever been to. It was funny to see the reaction when such a tectonic shift occurred. People were amused when they were part of the homecoming court. It was a different story when they won. Even teachers were upset. Never doubt that a majority of the faculty are in love with the quarterback just as much as fellow swooning teens.

Back to the stupid Hakuna Matata prom. Maybe it was a joke vote. Maybe it was another thumb in the eye to those who most assuredly “peaked” in high school. I don’t know. All I know is that it was awful. And FALSE.

As the song says “Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days”.

Enjoy it while you can kid, after High School it's all worries.

Enjoy it while you can kid, after High School it’s all worries.

In reality, High School is when you have no worries, or at least not any that really matter. “The rest of your days” is when the worries actually start.






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  1. Ouch.

    My prom’s theme was—oh, um, I kind of didn’t bother to go. I do know the “class song” was Good Riddance by Green Day. Of course it was always called “Time of Your Life” in any printed material. It was also the previous class’s song, in a stroke of originality.

  2. Right there with ya, Fre. Who’s idea was it? The Senior Steering Committee’s? I’ll never know; I wasn’t popular enough. I went to our prom and my date was one of my girl friends. We stay for 15 minutes, danced for 5, and then went to the chili cookoff at the Galveston County Fair Ground… We changed from our prom dresses into clothes in my teeny tiny Mercury Tracer. The good old days.

  3. Yes, my fellow Stings… but what about those CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES!? Please tell me they kept that tradition on the prom buffet table!

  4. My only contribution to “senior year” goings-on was submitting “Time” by Pink Floyd as our class song. It was voted down. In favor of “Free Bird.” In hindsight, I should have submitted “Why is the Red Man, Red?” from “Peter Pan.

  5. We had a dual-off for the theme… “My heart will go on” from Titanic or “I don’t wanna miss a thang” from Armageddon. Guess which one won.

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