Man in Golden Shirt is a Solid Gold Dream

Gold Diggers of the world, pack your bags and grab a flight to India, your GOLDEN TICKET to a life of gold-dipped dreams and luxury awaits.

Say hello to Datta Phuge, or as I call him, Datta Wallet B-huge!

Haters gonna hate.

“I love GOOOLD.”

Mr. Phuge, the most busted distinguished looking 32-year-old in the world, has a lust for gold. So much so, that he assembled his very own team of goldsmiths to craft a special 22 Carat solid gold shirt.

It took his stable of ‘smiths 2 solid weeks of working 16 hour days to make the $25,000 F-you to India’s poor.

The golden shirt weighs over 7 pounds, but Datta has more than just parading excess on his mind. Indian Goldfinger is also doin’ it for the ladies, as he explained in an interview with msn:

“I know I am not the best looking man in the world, but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt?”

Well played hottie.

Something tells me with this SOLID GOLD SHIRT you’ll now have the MIDAS touch with the ladies. I myself will have GOLDEN SLUMBERS tonight, dreaming of frolicking with that moustache of his. What say you Datta Phuge? You + Me + Bearskin Rug + several gold bars = “Shhh, no one has to know.”

You'll have his gold to keep you warm.

You’ll have his gold to keep you warm.

Gold-digging sluts, one day this man is going to make one of you very, very, rich. But beware, HIS HEART IS COLD, HE LOVES ONLY GOLD!





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