Larry the Puking Robot (Alternate Title: Robo-Vomit)

Vomiting Kermit, forever in our hearts.

Vomiting Kermit, forever in our hearts.

What is it about puking that’s so hilarious? (When it’s not you, of course.)

Science knows what I’m talking ’bout!!

Say hello to my new favorite robot/future overlord, Vomiting Larry. He’s the world’s first PROJECTILE VOMIT ON COMMAND ROBOT, Y’ALL!

Ladies, I'm pretty sure he's single!

Ladies, I’m pretty sure he’s single!

The geniuses at Cambridge University invented the entirely necessary and completely useful robot. Seems Larry was birthed out of Science’s creation hole for one special reason: to study the Norovirus, also known as a the stomach flu.

By hurling on command, Larry allows various parental disappointments puke experts to study the trajectory, splash zone and communicable nature of projectile vomiting viruses.

I’m not gonna lie, Larry’s doing something for me. That vacant plastic stare, his nonverbal ways, and the fact that he pukes just like a hobo in the drunk tank, I find it all extremely attractive. Not gonna lie Larry, I’d hit it.

Perfectly Honest? Compared to some of the winning winners I’ve dated, Larry looks like George F*cking Clooney.

She's not lying.

She’s not lying.

Cheers to you, Cambridge and Larry the Vomiting Robot! Now, get to work on the equally scientific (and hilarious,) Farting Robot.

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!


Just for old time’s sake, here’s a clip of Late-Night with Conan O’Brien’s classic character, Vomiting Kermit!




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