The Oakridge Boys Saved The President’s Life

Just what the Doctor Ordered

Just what the Doctor Ordered

Many of you might recall the sads-inducing news earlier this week that Former President George Bush Sr. was in intensive care after a month-long hospitalization. In a holiday miracle, politics were set aside and the country rallied around the president with prayer and warm wishes of health.

In “awesome way to end the year news,” I’m happy to report, the president’s health has drastically improved. Matter of fact, he’s been moved out of intensive care and into a regular room at Houston’s Methodist Hospital.

His life-long lady-love and world-famous armwrestling champ, Barbara Bush explained that the president’s spirits and health buoyed after an impromptu personal serenade by the President’s favorite band, The Oakridge Boys.

For those of you who never had asbestos in your school-house ceilings, The Oakridge Boys are a Country quartet of crooners who have had a buttload of hits: “American Made,” ” Just When I Needed You Most,” and their most famous hit, “Elvira.”

Babs called the president’s favorite group (who also happen to be close friends with the family,) and requested a serenade for her ailing husband. Even though they were all on respective vacations, the Oakridge Boys got together and sang for the president via telephone (No more than 2 visitors are allowed at a time in ICU.)

The president had but only one request: “Elvira.”

The Boys, “blasted some oom pop a mau maus in the direction of Houston, Texas,” and provided the president with the “shot in the arm,” he needed to get out of ICU.

After the ball-defying low notes of the song hit the prez’s ear holes he instantly perked up. They then sang “Amazing Grace” and the rest they say, is a miracle of modern medicine.

I'm gonna pull through, y'all!!!!!!

I’m gonna pull through, y’all!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to give Former First Lady, Mrs. George Herbert Walker Bush, a tip o’ the Stetson.

Tip O' The Stetson to Babs, a Heckuva gal who could mop the floor with you, pal!

Tip O’ The Stetson to Babs, a Heckuva gal who could mop the floor with you, pal!


Afterall, Babsie’s the true head snitch in charge of the Bush clan, and knew just what our precious president needed. OOM PA PA MAU MAUS!


That's the power of love.

That’s the power of love.


Here’s video footage of the serenade:

And because I just can’t resist, here’s those hot sluts belting it out in the early 1980’s (moustached hottie on the left is all MINE):




The Oakridge Boys Saved The President’s Life — 2 Comments

  1. Not a funnier-looking lead man in recorded music history.

    As a kid, it confused me that the bass wasn’t the overly-bearded guy that looks like Gabby Johnson from “Blazing Saddles.” “The new sheriff is a (bell tolls)!!”

    Did anyone notice Teddy Pendergrass in the video? He blends in.

    We need a post on the bass guy.

  2. I like how they tell him “You’ll remember this one”, like they wrote it, about a song published in 1779. “Remember when this hit came out old-timer?”

    And who is that video-bomber in the pink sweater?

    But what I really want to know is what made John Oates aspire to look like the lead singer of the Oak Ridge Boys?

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