How To Ruin Christmas With One Music Video

I Think You Might Hate It

I’m going to start this post by clearly stating the following: never in a million years did I ever think I would be defending the legacy of the 1979 Movie adaptation of the Musical, Grease.

Personally, I am NOT a fan of the Travolta/Newton-John flick, it’s tired and yours truly can’t even muster a golf clap for it. I can hear several of you Grease superfans shouting at the computer screens already, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Well, in Sandy Whatherface and Danny Zuko news, Wheezy Old Queen John Travolta and Oliva Newton crawled out of their plastic surgeon’s respective waiting rooms and collaborated on a new Christmas album.

Here’s the Hilarious, and completely REAL cover:

I know it’s hot chocolate, but I desperately want to make a tea-bag joke.

While the Christmas Album is a desperate grab for relevance and cash, the lines of taste and Christmas revelry were uncrossed. That is, until they decided to team up and collectively sh*t all over the ears of planet earth with a music video for a song called, “I Think You Might Like It.”

Behold! I bring you tidings of horrible sorrow and a sight you can’t unsee! (Enjoy, Y’all!)

For starters, nice touch on including American Soldiers coming home, and using actual Travolta family members in the video. Now, I can’t truly rip it apart without looking like a total dik. Thanks guys!

That being said, I do have a few things to say…

  • The quality of the music video is straight from the distinguished Lifetime Movie Studios school of shoestring budgets.


  • I love how Travolta just has to show off his plane. Everybody look at meee! I’m going home for the holidays, on my own private flying penis!


  • Cheryl in Accounting is going eat this sh*t up with a spoon and will  forward it to you no less than 3 times before December 25th.


  • This video will surely put all of those Travolta gay rumors to rest.

Personally, I found a couple of things veddy disturbing, #1 my favorite car right down to the specific year and exact color, is being defiled by Danny, Sandy and tacky wrapped gifts. Real Talk: I almost quit loving the 1955 Ford Thunderbird in Robin’s Egg Blue forever on sheer principle. And perhaps most horrific, #2 The brutal triple homicide this video commits. RIP: Country Music, Southern Accents and Line Dancing

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.


As a palate cleanser, I offer you this: It’s one of my favorites. The short but hilarious, prank titled: “How to Destroy the Celebration With a Trumpet.”

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