The Perfect Song to Teach Your Nana This Thanksgiving


The Official Holiday season kicks off Thursday with Thanksgiving.

Ah Thanksgiving! The time of the year you’re held captive by a bunch of weirdos who insist on cramming horribly crafted foodstuffs down your throat. Sure, they may be “family,” but the complete lack of interest they have in what you’ve got going on, paired with their judgemental views on drinking before 9:00am, make you as miserable on Turkey Day as the Native Americans who dined with ungrateful Pilgrims all those years ago.

But cheer up, I’ve found something that will provide comfort and joy during your Thanksgiving torture. Well, In addition to that jug of booze hidden in your overnight bag.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Drunk Aunts and Sassy Memaws, I’ve found the greatest song in the world. A ditty so beautiful and heartfelt, I’m making it my OFFICIAL Thanksgiving 2012 theme song.

You’re Welcome.

Let the gentle poetry of the sexy siren, Barbara Markay trickle into your ear holes, and infect your brainmeat. Sure, it’s wildly NSFW, but it’s not like your good for nothing boss is in today. Everyone knows that jerk took the whole week off while YOU pretend to slave away at your desk.

Click on the arrow below to hear the entire song!

Beautiful isn’t it? Barbara’s exquisite aria has officially erased all need for cards, flowers, romance and Shakespeare.  

Happy Thanksgiving Monday, EVERYONE!

via our friends at Dlisted


The Perfect Song to Teach Your Nana This Thanksgiving — 3 Comments

  1. WOW!!!!! The CK is working blue!!!!!! A girl once said to me in Dr. Howard’s Mythology class, “It ain’t cool being a jive turkey this close to the holidays.”

    • And that genius girl went on to be quoted in a major metropolitan newspaper! Heck yeah we’re blue this week, it’s not like the IT department gives a F*ck! Speaking of blueballs, HAY, where are my submissions??…I’d better get a few!

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