The Worst Thing to Happen to Thanksgiving Since The Pilgrims

I got ribs smelling up my neighbor’s cribs.

One of my greatest joys as a foolery slinger is I have a vast array of readers and fellow time-wasting enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for things that I should share with you.

Do I always use people’s suggestions? No. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to write about all the CRAZY STUFF that comes my way. But know this, I personally read every submission, comment and email and appreciate them all.

The following was one of those kind contributions from reader and longtime Grouchymuffin fan, Misty.

She shot me an email containing a link to a Music video that makes Rebecca Black of viral classic, “Friday” fame, look like Maria f*cking Callas.

Misty writes:

“I thought it just might be something ol’ Cribsy would enjoy. Well, enjoy or loathe, it’s all the same really!” “It’s Thanksgiving y’all, ER I mean, YO!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg you to watch the following at your OWN RISK. REPEAT: the Crib Keeper is NOT responsible for any psychosis brought on by the following clip. FYI: Patrice Wilson, the brilliant troubadour who penned the Rebecca Black song, “Friday,” wrote this aural turkey as well.

Look, Nicole Westbrook is a young girl…so I’m going to stay positive. I mean there’s a slight chance she’s trolling with the quality being as questionable as it is; however, it’s most likely a source of pride for this youth, and I’m all about being your own rainbow.

Grab life by the turkey leg!

On the bright side:

The song at the beginning has a catchy, midi thing going on, the music reminded me of a fast food cooperate training video from the 1990’s. I didn’t know whether to start dancing or slap on a hair net and start taking notes.

I love that this guy writes songs explaining simple things. “Friday,” included a day by day account of a traditional week. In his NEW song he has all the holidays of the year, complete with when they occur. What’s next? A jazzy ode to the alphabet? Hey, Patrice: next time you go to the song writing fountain, how about you include the life-cycle of a butterfly or something equally complex? 

Her painfully plucky rap at the end was hands-down the most awful thing to hit the Americas since disease infested blankets. This is me being positive, people.

My favorite line of the entire number? “Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful.” Call my tattoo artist, I’ve just come up with my next neck tattoo quote!

Patrice Wilson is the man laughing all the way to the bank. He’s made a mint off of Rebecca Black and he’s going to rake in the dough once again. I can’t hate someone so great. Besides, I love Patrice’s role in the video, he’s like the cool uncle who let you curse, he’s truly the life of the party.

via HuffPo

Thanks(?) Misty!


The Worst Thing to Happen to Thanksgiving Since The Pilgrims — 3 Comments

  1. I’m glad we’re gonna have a good time, because Friday is after Thursday, and we so excited we gonna have a good time then too.

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