Trick Gets Treated (To Rage)

Halloween 2010 (she was 2 weeks old.)

Even though Halloween 2012 is officially over, I still have some horrific delights to share with you. See, I’m fully aware that most of you are ghouls who love to watch Angry Baby’s brutal shenanigans from a comfortable distance.

I can’t say that I blame you though, had the fates not decided to kick me in the kingmaker by having a brilliant, furious little meanie, I’d be right there with you. Laughing at others misfortune is listed as a sanctioned hobby in the official ne’er-do-well handbook, and it’s one of my favorite pastimes. “As long as it isn’t me,” was my mantra for years.

Just because I’m now officially Karma’s b*tch, and Angry Baby is now an ENRAGED toddler, doesn’t mean I can’t share the ha-has with YOU.

So sit back, relax and as always: BE GLAD YOU AREN’T ME!

Tinkerbell is Not Amused, A Halloween 2012 Photo Essay

Our Evening started out relatively tame. We went over to my Mother in Law’s to prep for Angry Baby’s first REAL night of Trick or Treating.

Here she is getting her hair did at Granny’s house.

Enjoy the evening’s one smile while it lasts.

After Tinkerbell had her golden locks tamed, it was time to complete her transformation from “spunky kid” to “spunky pixie.”

Tinkerbell emerges.

Up next was a quick tutorial on the ins and outs of candy/bucket placement…she was a natural.

Nailed it!

She then cast a candy multiplying spell on her pumpkin.


Afterwards a little celebratory candy (complete with wrapper.)

Finally, it was time to bid Granny’s house farewell, but not before a quick run through Gran’s potted plants.

That meddling kid.

‘Twas onward to our next house on the Trick or Treat route, Angry Baby’s Uncle G’s place.  She walked up to the spooky door, all by herself. (Did I mention she pulled out her pigtails by the time we pulled out of my mother in law’s driveway???)

Intrepid trick or treater.

He and his wife decided to do it up this year, they were awesome.

Costumes and everything.

Angry Baby wasn’t as impressed.

Not so sure about this.

Finally, we made it to our LAST stop of the short candy beggin’ voyage, Chi-Town and Uncle Fester’s House.

After approximately 1 hour of costumed fun, Angry Baby decided she’d had enough of it all. The meltdown was fast and severe. Poor Chi-Town was rewarded for her generosity with pure fury, here’s Chi-Town posing with Stinkerbell.  

“Butterfinger!? I told you SNICKERS!”

Angry Baby then peaced out from the excitement. We headed home to give candy to the neighborhood kids.

Plum Tuckered

The moment we hit the door, she shucked her clothes like an oystershell.

Goodbye Tinkerbell, Hello Jessie.

And there you have it my darling readers. No doubt you vultures are once again chuckling at my misfortunes. Here’s to next Halloween, when Angry Baby will be a year older and candy-wiser. I predict she’ll rake in a metric ton of the sweet stuff next Trick or Treat round.


Trick Gets Treated (To Rage) — 2 Comments

  1. This is a reminder that toddlerdom is straight HARD. We lucked out. Yes, the Man Child sucker punched an Indian and shoved Spider Girl down some stairs so he could ring the doorbell first, but he was smiling. Smiling counts for something right?

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