Cereal Mascots Looking Like Serial Creeps

Friendly Tip: don’t drink the milk.

Have you ever thought about what cartoon cereal mascots would look like in real life? Artist Guillermo Fajardo answered the question for you.

The Lima, Peru based visionary decided to take his beloved childhood cartoon cereal friends and re-imagine them as realistic weirdos, in a collection he called: Breakfast Time- Cereal Series.

I’m in love and terrified all at once…  

Silly raver, trips aren’t for kids.

Why is Tony the Tiger Eyef*cking us?

Well, at least he doesn’t sparkle.

Very fitting, considering his cereal’s crimes against the roofs of mouths.

The Only Regret is that Fajardo ignored my personal favorite breakfast mascot, The Cookie Crisp Thief, AKA Cookie Crook! Truth be told, he’s the hottest and baddest of them all!

Admit it, you’ve nibbled on his chips before!

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