Massive Eye From an Unidentified Creature Washes Up in Florida (You Know What MY Guess is!)

It’s beginning, people. The Megalodon is starting to get bolder!

While having a relaxing walk on the beach Wednesday, Gino Covacci, of Pompano Beach, Florida came across what looked like a softball. After he kicked it over to investigate further, he saw a massive blue eye staring back at him.

Here’s looking at you, Meg!

The mystery eye was still bleeding when he put it in a plastic bag and called the authorities. Florida Fish and Wildlife dispatched a couple of officers to retrieve the giant eyeball from Gino’s fridge.

The species that the orb belonged to is currently unknown. Scientists will be studying the eye at Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg to better identify the mysterious marble. Spokeswoman for the wildlife commission, Carli Segelson was quoted as saying, “Right now it sounds like a large fish is the leading candidate.”

Hmmm…large fish living off the coast of Florida, where have I heard that before? Oh yes! I remember, ‘Twas several eons ago on the geologic time scale, when a LARGE FISH NAMED MEGALODON ruled the ocean.

Listen to me now and believe me always, the Megalodon is out there, y’all! This eye just might belong to an elusive and magical Meg! Hey, I know what you’re thinking: “But Crib Keeper, shark eyes aren’t blue.”

I say fooey on your skepticism. The truth is we have NO IDEA what color the Megalodon’s eyes were/are because soft tissue doesn’t fossilize.

Ok fine. Let’s just say this ginormous eye from an UNIDENTIFIED sea creature didn’t belong to our beloved Megalodon, but some huge squid or other type of fish. Guess what? The animal who rocks this big of a ‘ball is more than meaty enough to provide sustenance to the Lord of the Deep.

You see, Meg deniers love to throw around that “Megalodon is extinct because there’s not enough food in the ocean for the Apex predator.”

Well, at the VERY LEAST ol’ blue eye here shows a creature large enough to feed our beloved beast.

And how did the whole huge eyeball became detached in the first place? What creature was large enough to perfectly pluck out a sea beast’s baby blue? You and I both know the believed to be extinct terror who’s responsible for this. (Megalodon!)

Buff, Butch and ready to rule again!

Yesterday was National Coming Out day, it’s fitting that Megalodon decided to toss us this softball-sized orb from the depths of his watery closet so that the eye made it to press on Coming out day. Reveal yourself to us, Meg! The whole world of Meg believers are waiting! COME OUT!

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Massive Eye From an Unidentified Creature Washes Up in Florida (You Know What MY Guess is!) — 7 Comments

  1. That’s exactly what I said when I heard about the eye! I was like, “MEGALODON!” On an unrelated note, my students now think I’m crazy.

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