The Wine Purse (Alternate Title: LUG-A-Chug!)



Don’t you just hate that you can’t take a big jug of hooch into the places you need it most?

Nursing homes, parent/teacher conferences, committee meetings, hospitals, Wal-Mart and kid recitals all frown upon sippin’ the good stuff while on their premises. Up until now, loveable lushes and degenerate drinkers have had to rely on schlepping the inner plastic bladder of a Franzia box, in an oversized bag or “laptop case,” to smuggle wine into booze hatin’ establishments.

Thankfully, genius designer and Fairy Godmother to the wine drunks, Sofia Blomberg, has created the Vernissage aka the BAG-IN-BAG wine!!!


This beautiful box of booze is cleverly made to look like a handbag.

Do you realize what this means for lady winos like yours truly!? Finally, we can walk into any situation with a cardboard fake-handbag and forever look:

1. Crazy

2. Like you’re about to go to a “Dirty Thirty Lady Birthday Party.”

Notice neither of those scenarios involved coming off as a desperate alcoholic!

Personally, I can’t WAIT for them to hit the states. Once these babies show up at Targets, shamed men around the country will be forced to hold a purse of wine while they pick up tampons for their wives at 10:00pm. COMEDY GOLD!

The wine bag within a bag is the answer to a problem many of us secretly suffered. I myself, have been the victim of Franzia plastic bladder burst within the purse, and let me tell you something, that purse was never the same. Seriously, the dang thing’s been in and out of rehab like 47 times.

To bags of wine and incredible design!



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